Monday raiding - So Staghelm... not yet on farm

So we still aren't 1 shotting Staghelm heroic.  I made a bet yesterday with Hwired about how many goes it would take  He said 2.  I said 3.  It was probably more like 7.

So what was the deal last night?

First attempt was looking kind of good.  We wiped and Hwired said "Oh, I forgot to flask...." Roshii says "Oh, me too!" and then I think it was Aza as well...  Hmm!

The next attempt I stuffed up by NOT watching the timer and automatically thinking I was tanking the orb.  So it touched me, I thought I had it, and then I counted to 6 and then I ran away and then I was going to run back in at 6.  Unbeknownst to me, Aza had taken it from me at 1 stack and had continued to tank it until 11 upon which he went splat.  I got an earful from Hwired and Aza about that, omg I felt like an idiot.

Then there was a phase with 2 orbs next to each other - like right on top of each other.  Shit.  So if that happens again then next time someone tanks both for 2 then rotate out.  Not that there was another time that happened that night.

Then there was an attempt where Ampharos ran out early during the first scorpion phase.  So Domo switched to Cat then back to Scorpion - oops.  That's a wipe.

And one time Hwired died coz dogs cats ate him. Hwired was getting frustrated, he had that "Guys..." tone in his voice, and reminded everyone to please kill the cats.

The final and winning attempt Voe was hugely self congratulatory about him saving us - which probably he did (though if I said it to him his ego would have been EVEN bigger), having thrown down a spirit link as the cat jumped on Aza when we were all running to the middle.  We somehow managed to make it out with smidgeons of health and then the Staghelm was down.  Phew.  So would Protector token dropped - Grats Voe - who also picked up some offspec gloves.  Offspec Plate healing stuff was given to Belinia.

On to Rag, for which I let Voe DPS, and he did a decent 16k.  And... Protector helm dropped again.  Which nobody needs, not even for offspec!  So Voe being his usual irritating self would keep saying "Hey Aza..." and link his epic offspec helm and Tier helms to him.  Poor Az.  Patch will be out in a week and he would have finished this Tier in the previous Tier hat.  Well, I still maintain that I didn't receive any hat for nearly the whole of last Tier (I was wearing a blue until the last 3 weeks before Firelands), so I can sympathise. Moo still hasn't got his Rag hammer. 


  1. That was a sweat success! Hope you prepare some videos too. I’m not against your story telling style of blogging coz you narrate it perfectly fine but I feel like I’m reading an action novel. Well congratz to you man! Just wondering if you have some gold guides to share, coz I’m still stock in buying wow gold from sites like this, coz most of the guides online are not effective since they where publically posted and has now tons of competitors.

  2. I think that's what Navi's blog posts are known for, aren't they? Don't necessarily need to be strat guides (or videos) although she has done that in the past as well. Each to their own :)

    Oh and Wired, has a tone?? Before my time I guess...


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