IntPiPoMo - Number 5 - London-like

Ang of Revive and Rejuvenate is doing screenshot posts again, and has invited us to join her for International Picture Posting Month (IntPiPoMo), to post 50 screenies for November.

In truth, I have no idea where this is.  It looks to me like Gilneas, but I suspect it's somewhere in Silverpine Forest.  But I love human architecture.  So classic, so old, so screenshottable.  It could almost be London on a rainy day.


  1. Love this screenshot. It conveys the cold rain splashing off the metals roofs and puddling on the cobblestone streets. I would have to guess Gilneas as to the location. The weather affects really are impressive and draw you in to the scene.

    Keep this up Navimie and I will end up blogrolling you and perhaps even publicly following. Good stuff.

  2. @Draccus - Hey feel free to use any of my pics for your story, I would be honoured! ZOMG you can't Blogroll me I'll lose my anonymity! :P But TY for the nice comments.

  3. I also really like this screenshot. Captures everything I first fell in love with about the Worgen race.

    Your right in saying that the 'Raining London' image is there.

    - Jamin

  4. @Jamin - ty for dropping by :)


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