IntPiPoMo - Number 32 - Destruction of Archimonde

Ang of Revive and Rejuvenate is doing screenshot posts again, and has invited us to join her for International Picture Posting Month (IntPiPoMo), to post 50 screenies for November.

Though in the Battle for Mount Hyjal we fight Archimonde until 10% health when the wisps come and attack him.  In Warcraft history, Archimonde climbs the World Tree, growing in size, determined to consume its energies.  Malfurion Stormrage raised the Horn of Cenarius and called out to the ancestral guardians. Thousands of wisps rose from the surrounding forests and gathered around Archimonde, detonating in a massive explosion that destroyed the demon warlock and incinerated the forests around the World Tree.


  1. Love it. Although I can't ever remember seeing it, despite months of Archimonde kills. Must have been so grateful we killed him each time, I stopped looking.

  2. @Erinys - I know what you mean :) It's funny how accidental shots can be like that - I was actually trying to get a picture of him screaming but I was a bit slow and this is what I got.


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