IntPiPoMo - Number 25 - Gates to Mulgore

Ang of Revive and Rejuvenate is doing screenshot posts again, and has invited us to join her for International Picture Posting Month (IntPiPoMo), to post 50 screenies for November.

These Tauren built gates are at the border of the Southern Barrens and Mulgore, near the ruins of Camp Taurajo.  Some alliance siege vehicles are here but I am not sure what they are doing - are they fortifying or planning a full invasion of my home territory?


  1. So there is no feasible way for a lone Alliance Night Elf to traverse the journey to Mulgore and visit Thunderbuff?

    The barrier wall is creating issues down the road for the Saga as I had intentions of coming to see a few people. Need some way to cross faction tie in characters I respect and enjoy reading. Guess I need to just get creative on those pivotal meeting places and times.

  2. You can follow the new path from Northern Barrens, through the bottom of Stonetalon Mountains and it comes into Mulgore just above TB.

    Or you could fly.

    It also goes past the place where the rabbits are having their own war.


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