Guildie guest Hwired - Get to know our DK tank better!

This week I thought I'd try my hand at interviewing, and my first victim is Hwired, our DK tank.  He came to us late in Lich King, and was one of our diamond-in-the-rough finds.  I wasn't very organised in terms of interviewing, I didn't record the conversation (and I did it after raid), so I was scribbling on scraps of paper and I got a bit out of order, so sorry Hwired for some of the creative license!

When did you start playing WoW?

I played with a RL friend on Jubei'thos and I thought the pinnacle of Wow playing was a 5 man dungeon. I only got to level 57 or so. I was playing a warrior and I was tanking/arms spec and I didn't know what the hell I was doing.

So how did you end up here?

A mate of mine was playing here so I made a DK to level with him and we did pvp and arena and stuff. Then he stopped playing and he didn't raid or do anything so I ended up here.

So when you came here you hadn't raided before?

Nope this was my first raiding guild.

Wow, pretty good for a first timer!

I was always into competitive stuff like counterstrike so it wasn't a huge step up for me.  But I do feel weird sometimes raid leading, since I'm a noob, heheh.

So did you sign up for the 1 year thing?

No, I didn't.

What?  You're thinking of stopping playing soon?

I'm definitely committed to 4.3, I'll be here for that, but the expansion... yeah I'm not sure about this Pandaria thing.  We'll have to wait and see.  I'm not really worried about saving money, I don't really care about the free D3, I'd just go ahead and buy it.  And I don't really care about the mount.  The beta maybe...

What do you hate about WoW?

Buffing and nerfing Dks wasn't fun. They don't communicate as well as they could. Because I only like raiding I don't like how they take classes and destroy them and takes a whole patch for them to fix it up. I prefer reactionary buffs.

What's your favourite thing about WoW?

Probably the community. If there was no guild component to it I probably wouldn't play as much.

If you could change one thing about your DK what would that be?

I want my ghoul resurrection back, Battle Rez is crap. At least ghoul Rez was more fun, you could dps and stuff. You see for dps you have to use rune power to Rez and it doesn't helpnthat it takes 5-10secs to get your rune power back. As a tank it screws up your rotation. Runic empowerment takes a blood rune and converts to an unholy rune and uses rune strike which uses runic power which stuffs up your rotation, but the worst part is tanking and you're trying to Rez and you have to find the person and the boss is turning around and stuff.

If you could take one ability from another class what would it be?

Feign death or invisibility would be cool. It would be fun to be the last to survive and mass Rez.

Do you have a favourite class as a tanking partner? That is assuming that the Warriors and Druids and Pallies we had were totally awesome?

Well, I haven't had much experience tanking with Druids or Warriors or other DKs, I seem to only have tanked with Paladins, but I guess I do like tanking with them, I'm used to it.  It's not the same with tanks where, like if you're a healer, you like shamans because of Mana Tide, but with tanking what the other tank doesn't really affect you much.  I guess if the tank has useful things like a slow for Shannox then that's pretty handy.

What's your favorite boss fight?

Tier 11 would have to be be Nef, that was pretty interesting, I really enjoyed Nefarian. Tier 12... As far as raid awareness goes it would have to be Rag, you really have to be on your game for that especially in 3rd phase.  I'm a bit of a noob other than that haven't raided anything else!

Haha I guess no Transmog gear for you then!

Haha, no, though I guess I'd wear my T11 gear since it was my first.

How about favorite boss in terms of tanking?

Hard to say after nerfs, but Alysrazor was interesting, because you had to do something as a tank, you weren't just standing there.

LOL you must hate Baleroc.

Yeah, it's really boring.

What do you like best about being in Frostwolves?

I like how with raiding it was organized and set raid nights and times and you were always raiding and professional - there were raid leaders and stuff, it wasn't everyone just screwing around. And there's a core group which get on well together and there's no drama and stuff, well except for this week.

There's drama this week?

Yeah the forums thing.

Oh yeah. Oops forgot about that. What don't you like about Frostwolves?

I feel sometimes we struggle to figure out if we are a casual raiding guild or a progressive guild. We raid 4 nights a week for 3 hours a time. I don't think I could hang around doing non heroic stuff for 4 nights a week, if we were casual we should be just raiding 2 nights a week. I think it is better now, it took us a while to figure it out and we are doing it now.

What's your favorite mount?

The acherus death charger is pretty awesome as a starting mount, but lately I have been using my dark Phoenix from t11.

What's your favorite pet?

The pug or the corehound pup or Muckbreath.

Wait a second how many pets do you have?

I only have 9 pets, lol.

Any tips for a new tanking DK?

Always use rune tap after vampiric blood, it gives you a big health boost.

So if you had a partner who didn't play WoW, would you stop playing?

Yeah, I would.  The way I see it, you spend a whole lot of time playing this game - 3 hours a night, 4 days a week, and it would pretty hard when you're dating to be like "Oh, it's 8pm, I have to go."  I mean if you're married it would be ok because you're in the same house, together, but if you're my age and dating, it would be hard.  I would definitely give up WoW but not gaming all together, other games don't require he same time investment.

I think that's it Hwired, thanks for letting me interview you!

Heh, no problem.


  1. Cool, you going to do more interviews?

  2. @Lacrox - yeah, after you and Tacky posted, everyone got scared to write! So I have to resort to interviews instead :) Roshii, Az and Fue are ones I've lined up for interviews :) BUT I have readers/guildies asking for more Lac stories :)


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