Guildie guest Faithless - The Insane Story of Faithy

This week's guildie is one of our Shadowpriests, Faithless, our only Insane!  She has been with Frostwolves since we transferred to Dath'Remar, and likes doing lots of non raid type WoW things - though she does like to come and raid as well!  Faith's claim to fame is dying to elevator bosses, Frogger and falling in holes.  There is nobody like our Faith :P 

Greetings Guildies,

During June/July in 2009 I was rather curious on why Aza and Fud were spending incredible amounts of time in Dire Maul and in Booty Bay. Curiosity got the better of me and I whispered Aza and asked what he and Fud were up to, Aza replied “we are working on reps to get the insane title”. Insane title?

Off onto wowhead, there it was, the reps needed for the insane title. I really liked the sound of it, I mean how hard could it be? Being an avid achiever (or at least try to be) I was rather excited about attaining this title. So on the 23rd of July 2009 I started my quest to attain this great title.

The first rep recommended to get was honored with Bloodsail Buccaneers. Here is when I thought oh crap, I HAD honored at some point after getting the Bloodsail Admiral title (special thanks to a toon named Klutar for the help). Of course getting annihilated with every time I flew to Tanaris to get to CoT or Booty Bay for some special in game event I had to build rep up with them again. Faced with this reversal I happily attacked those Booty Bay bruisers for what seemed like months and months. Pretty sure I had some guildy help here too. Of course I inherited great remorse and evil glares from the Alliance and Horde for killing their quest givers repeatedly. Often I'd have a horde ask me if I could just for a moment not kill a quest giver, which I didn't...for a moment or two.

So with that rep finally back at honored, I needed the Steamwheedle cartel rep at exalted without harming my Bloodsail rep. There was this goblin in Dire Maul who offered a quest or two to gain rep without hurting Bloodsail rep. I thought HOW SWEET! Ok let me rephrase that, yes it was SWEET, but the drop rate needed for one of the quests was incredibly painful to get. The bloody Gordok Key was also unique and I could only ever carry one at a time >.<. I found though if I timed it right and 2 dropped in one run, I'd hand in quest, run back to the mob, loot the key and the run all the way out of the dungeon (way b4 teleporting out was ever implemented) and reset the dungeon. There were pros and cons of this rep. Pros I could disenchant everything, there was rep and I built up a path I ran consistently in there. Cons, that unique key hardly dropping or dropping too much, Bag Space due to the stuff I refused to delete, the run back to the nearest mailbox or repairer to sell stuff and the run in and out of the dungeon. Did I mention I ran too many dungeons repeatedly?

I decided to do some other “repping” whilst doing Dire Maul runs and started to look at Ravenholdt. Didn't look bad at first, Just had to kill mobs in Upland (Hillsbrad) up to honored. Sounded like a sweet deal and so I trotted up their on me horse and went on a power killing spree... HOLD ON 5 rep per kill? Oh dear I felt this was going to take forever. One not so delightful event that occurred when doing this I got this sweet looking staff from Ulduar that no one seemed interested in. Anyhow it turns out every so often a Valkyr spawns and helps you kill stuff. Being lvl 80 hitting on lvl 30 something mobs I didn't need help, but out spawned the Valkyr and it would kill the mobs before I got a chance to tag them, giving me no rep at all! Had to sadly not have that staff equipped when killing these 5 rep mobs.

With two reps on the go I thought why not a third? Darkmoon Faire. Thus the beginnings of farming herbs and making cards. Which in hindsight this rep was finished last! The generosity from Fue was mostly appreciated in my Darkmoon Faire Card frenzy and towards the end Nabe also helped greatly. Lots of generous Faithy hugs to those two =)

Away from Darkmoon Faire I was still doing the Dire Maul thing and somehow managed to get to honored for the Heavy Junk box turn ins. Because as it seemed, handing in Heavy Junk boxes to the quest dude at Ravenholdt manor was my only hope from honored to exalted. Luckily and thanks to the Burning Crusade I had a BE rogue. As the only way to get these boxes was to pick pocket lvl 50 and up mobs. My favorite place for this was the Dire maul Ogres. Many, many hours spent roaming the halls of Dire Maul in Ogre pockets. These Ogres don't have much attire on so I had to be careful on picking the right pocket! (eew I can't even think of where else I could pick). Moopie was getting these boxes for something he was working on and when he finished he sent his spares to me =D Faithy had big smiles all round for his generosity! For awhile there I wasn't getting many boxes and turned to wowhead for a different place to go. This is where I ended up in UBRS and LBRS, another good source of shards and the odd card or two. Seriously though this was a pretty painful rep to do and I was surely over it when I did get it done.

You might of noticed I keep mentioning “shards”large brilliant shards that is. There is another rep I failed to mention, Shen'dralar, night elves tucked away beneath Dire Maul in a massive library. Yes a delightful quest for rep, however mats were okay to get except for one of them. Pristine Black Diamonds. One of the most rarest items in the game! I think I spent more gold on those diamonds than I did on Darkmoon Faire cards! I would check out the AH so many times a day hoping for a bargain. Unfortunate the insane title seemed to be creating a trend on the realm, such forth that any item related to a rep required for the title jumped enormously in price! Pretty sure I paid 500g just for 1 Pristine Black Diamond. Had some VERY generous guildies give some of these precious diamonds. I think I went in so many BWL runs, mainly for the diamonds, but I'm sure I was there to help guildies too.

One of the required items was a Libram, there were 3 rep quests, 1 of them seemed the easiest to farm, except for the diamonds. Back to the Librams, the Librams are like Gordock Keys – UNIQUE. You guessed it, back and forth, back and forth to the mailbox to send to my bank toon for storage. Now you can't keep more than one of these items in your bag, so the poor bank toon was forever running back and forth from mailbox to the guild bank. These Librams also fetched a huge price on the AH. I worked extremely hard on this rep and was determined to finish it, even after I found out that they were deleting the rep for title, which I believe is the soul behind the title. Shen'dralar for me was the by far the most time consuming rep of them all. For my hard work in gaining exalted, I was awarded with a feat of strength for it.

With all this gold being poured into these items for rep quests, poor little bank toon was literally getting so poor that I raided ALL my toons and left them with 300g each to supply my main with her needs. And because of the lack of funds I had to take some time out to farm herbs, ore, other enchanting mats to sell, I pretty much sold everything I looted on the AH (or at least tried to). Its probably why the title took me so long to do.

The last rep I finished was Darkmoon Faire thus...

On the 9/9/2011 I FINALLY got my Insane in the Membrane Feat of Strength Title and I felt so giddy with excitement, so proud and so insane =)



  1. I wish I have that achievement =( Congratulations!

  2. Pristine Black Diamonds were the hardest part of the whole grind to me too. Then I would torture myself logging into another server that was higher population than mine to see them listed for 100 gold.

    Grats, insane person! Only the Shen'dralar can truly drive you insane!

  3. Grats to you! I finally finished my Insane grind this year as well and it was pretty rough. Reading your account had me nodding and saying "ugh yeah, that." It was a trip down memory lane :D


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