Air'ka's turn to play WoW - My first blog post

I asked Mummy if I can play World of Warcraft today, and she said "OK, but only if you help me take some pictures."  Mummy said she has to find more pictures because she hasn't got enough for November.

So I was flying mummy's bird and then there was a picture of a man with a beard.  Mummy had to click on the picture and then she said we need to take a picture of him for her collection.  I wanted to move it but mummy took the mouse away because the man was hitting her and she wanted him to sit down again.  So she took this picture:

Mummy said there are 2 more beard men here so she went and took some more pictures.  This time she let me press the button to take a picture.

 Look at this one!  He's fixing the wagon!

Mummy said we need to go look at where all the cows died because she didn't know they all died and she wanted to see.  She said it was very sad.  How come all the cows died Mummy?  Mummy says it's coz the Lions killed them.  Oh, she said it's not called Lions, it's called Alliance.  I think the flying Lions killed the cows.  That's not very nice.  Mummy said she will use this picture for her November ones.  I helped take this one.

Then Mummy let me fly again and we saw some pricklies.  I wanted to take a picture of the pricklies for Mummy and fly down the hole inside the house.

Mummy said there is another place that will be gone soon, so we need to go take a picture of that.  It has boats, and I wanted to sit in the boat but Mummy said the bad Lions are there, the ones who killed the cows.  I mean Arlions.  She said she will use that picture for November too.

There were some more shiny pictures on the TV so Mummy stopped to take more pictures. One was dead already, so that's silly.  Mummy said not to take a picture of that one.  But there was a crab and we had to swim underwater to go kill it.  Mummy said not to kill it she wanted to take a picture.

Then we saw a dirty doggy but Mummy says it's not a dirty doggy.

Then there was a spider.  Mummy says it's not a spider, it's a pig.  I think it's a piggy with a spider on his head.

Then Mummy said we have to stop playing World of Warcraft because it's already been 10 minutes.  But she said I took some nice pictures for her today.  I want to play World of Warcraft again.


  1. Adorable! But its cute how she says Mummy instead of Mommy! hehe How old is your daughter? Anyway, great post and screenshots! =)

  2. @Amerence - In Australia we say Mummy, Mommy is American I think. Erika (Air'Ka as she calls herself) is 3. Do you think it's cheating if I use some of those screenies for my IntPiPoMo?

  3. I was going to ask just that question. Since 30 days of screenshots are intensive to fit in a total if 50 pics worth a thousand words a piece. But you should ask Angelya for clarification.

    At the least your daughter gets credit for the Silver Rare Dragon Monsters.

  4. @Draccus - the rares go into my collection :) I'm not using any of the rares pics for my IntPiPoMo. I am waiting for Ang to see if I can use those 2 screenies - I think she'll say yes *fingers crossed


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