Wednesday raiding - 25 man normal FL plus some looks at H Shannox

We had a full group today for 25s, so we decided to do Beth'tilac, Alysrazor and Baleroc on normal.  And we had 2 people who had not done Firelands before - Fleeping has returned, and Ksret came as well.

Beth'tilac, Alysrazor and Baleroc all went down real smooth.  I was happy.  We have had some lousy Beth goes in 25s before and it was almost painful to watch.  This time, everything went mostly nice, no wipes, a couple of dumb deaths and silly things but all in all very satisfying.  Moopie was excited because he finally got a plate helm.

It was actually an evening full of hilarity.  There were a few memorable silly moments:
  • Fue asks Ksret "What spec are you?" and I automatically said "Ret".  Ksret is a mage /facepalm.  So after that everyone was making fun of me, talking about Disc Warlocks and the like.  He has ret in his name OK??? It confused me!  Geez I felt silly.
  • We were prepping everyone for Heroic Shannox and we had the markers positioned, everyone was buffed and flasked, and we pulled and started the fight.  Shannox was half health when Roshii said "Hey, I think we forgot to change it to heroic."  Doh.  So we called a wipe and started again.  We ended up not getting it, but we had some good goes.
  • Mages are silly.  The only people that died in Alysrazor were the mages.  All 3 of them.
  • My daughter was sitting on my lap for an hour of the raid, and she was happy to watch me play.  She likes moving me around and commenting about what I'm doing.  Push to talk was hit a few times during particularly funny comments she made:

    - "Mummy kill the eggs, you have to kill the eggs" (Alysrazor trash)
    - "Don't stand in the fire mummy" (Molten giants)
    - "Kill the Snakes, kill the snakes!" (Trash groups) - to which Hwired said "See, they are snakes!"
    - "Move closer mummy, move closer" to which I replied "I am not a melee healer, Erika"
    - "Can we stand in the blue circle mummy?" (Healing rain)

    I think the raid was quite amused with her comments.  Fue even found it funny.  Ampharos said we had a new raid leader.
So off to heroics tomorrow.  We are a tank short again, so I'm not sure what we are going to do for the second group.