Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings

At last it is mine.  I want to thank all my guildies and friends who helped me get my legendary mace.

A record turnout for an Ulduar farm, though the legendary completion may have something to do with that.  In fact we did so well on Yogg that we also got He's Not Getting Any Older (25 man).

As we were approaching Vezax, I was getting really excited.  I reread the instructions for the quest - throw the mace when Yogg is performing Deafening Roar.  OK.  I hoped my internet would hold up - was playing on 3G because ADSL was playing up again - and so far my net was holding but with lousy latency (900-1k).  I kept that bag open with the Shattered Fragments in it so I could click it easily.

Because of my latency I wasn't on Vent, so Az and HK were explaining to everyone what they needed to do.  And I was hoping we didn't kill too fast so that we had a super short phase 3.  So I had picked my watchers (Freya, Mimiron and Thorim), so that we wouldn't go crazy!  I was tempted not to pick Thorim in case we killed it too fast, but Hodir's freezing ability was rather meh.

So after prep we all go into Yogg's room.  ZOMG how many people touched clouds!  Fortunately we had a lot of DPS so it was good and we didn't get overwhelmed, and everyone was dispelling and killing tentacles in phase 2.  So all I had to do was throw the damn thing...

So here comes phase 3!  My hands were shaking, I was like "OMG this is it, don't stuff it up" and I turned to look at Yogg and of course got the stare so quickly turned my back, and then there was a nice DBM warning for Deafening Roar, and I had a few tells saying "Get ready, Navi!" so as soon as Yogg did it, I threw the mace in.  You even see the animation for it.  So then I thought, I hope I did it right, and tried to do it again in the next Roar, but it said I was too far away.  So we killed Yogg, got the achievement, and my quest wasn't complete.  I was like... WTF!  How come my quest isn't complete?  Noooooo.....!!!!

Then I went to loot Yogg and there was my mace.  Phew.  Now I feel silly.

I was shaking with excitement now, so off we went to kill Council so we could access the room and I could hand in my quest.  I had tears in my eyes, I was so happy, after all this time, I got my mace!  You know, it cost me DKP to get those shards, and having never completed it felt like such a waste of DKP.  Now I have my mace, the guild has the achievement, and I am a few shards poorer (I had to compensate everyone for their time!).


  1. Whoa. Sooooooooo freaking awesome. Huge grats, I am completely jealous. :p

    Then again, maybe if I had, I dunno, leveled a paladin before the middle of ICC, you know, after Ulduar was already 'old content' ... heh. Ah well, maybe someday. :)

  2. @repgrind: Thanks rep! I tell ya what, it is nice to be part of the Legendary club.


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