Thursday raiding - You can't do heroic 10 after attempting heroic 25

We split into 10s for heroics last night only to find... that when we tried to switch to heroic we were all locked out.  Thought it might have one of those boss pull bugs where you have to pull it then set it to heroic.  We tried that... but no luck.  So a wasted night with a good group, clearing everything on normal up to Ragnaros.
I was hoping that we could get some achievements done... but no luck with that either.  I was sulking for Shannox and Rhyolith but by the time we got to Majordomo I was feeling happier.  And after we killed Majordomo I saw the trinket that Roshii really wanted - The Hungerer.  Oh, and Flowform choker and Vanquisher shoulders dropped as well, both of which Shabadu took, so he's gearing up fast!

So I whispered Roshii saying how exciting, his trinket dropped.  No reply.  Hmph, so I thought he wasn't that excited because he got the Ragnaros one last week.  So I told Lushnek to give it to me as a joke (after making sure he did send a tell for it which he had), and then I received the item and DE'd some leather gloves from Rhyolith, so that it looked like I DE'd the trinket.

Hwired: "Did nobody want that?"
Navi: "No, I just DE'd it."
Roshii: "What??"
Navi: "Did you send a tell?  I thought nobody wanted it coz I got it."
Lushnek: "Oh shit, I sent it to the wrong person."
Roshii: "Omg... Navi..."

I had to pause for 2 seconds before I burst into laughter and told Roshii was joking, and I gave him the trinket.

Amongst all this, Voe disconnected.  He did send an offspec tell for the trinket but as soon as I received it he disconnected from game and from Vent.  Some of the group thought he emologged, but I knew he hadn't emologged... well I was 99% sure he hadn't emologged.

So here we are on Ragnaros, waiting for Voe to reappear, but he didn't.  So I asked Beauti if she wanted to try something challenging, and so we got Fleckso to come on his hunter Longbowflex and so she and I were going to try and 2 heal it.

Which we did!

So after feeling good about 2 healing it (after all, I did remember Glow writing about how you could 2 heal it and I said no way am I going to do that), I thought about what precedent I had started.  Allowing the DPS to get lazy on their dps so that we can 2 heal it?  So that means even more healers will be dropped out of raid, because if you need the DPS then why would you take a healer as offspec when their DPS would be lousy?  So I am not sure if I did a good thing there.  I guess this means that I have to make a stronger dps off spec so that I will definitely be taken for kills.

So guess what dropped?  You guessed it - Kog'un, Hammer of the Firelord.  Which is now in possession.  And the Protector Helm dropped so Fleckso got that - grats Longbowflex!  And the bow dropped, which was a DE.

So a disappointing raid night.  Another week with no heroics.  Next week, we are doing heroics on 10 man and we have learned our mistake.... no more attempts at 25 man heroic.   I can't believe that even when we didn't kill anything on 25 heroic that it still locked us out of a 10 man heroic.