Thursday raiding - One off one on

The other group killed Rag before 9pm so they went to BoT to cap Valor points I think.  So Manbull and Ea got their Firelands achievements, yay!

Hwired was coming back late on the plane and it ended up being delayed so we didn't raid.  I wasn't so fussed since we would probably get everything that we could do done by Monday anyway, but Moo and Sev and HK were quite disappointed.  I don't blame Sev, since he wanted his Legendary (but he will get it by Sunday I hope!).  I mean I would like to raid too but I don't mind a bit of down time.  So I did some PVP instead and I ended up getting 2 achievements which means that it wasn't a totally wasted night for me :) - Call to Arms! and Loyal Dendefer.  I remember when Call to Arms! was broken and I was miserable I couldn't get it, but now I'm happy.

So everyone logged and I was still a wide awake so I decided to help Roshii do some Northrend Dungeon achievements.  It still amazes me that he and I can 2 man some of those achievements when I remember how difficult it was with 5 of us back at level 80.

So we did Better of Dred, Watch him Die and Respect Your Elders.  I actually died a lot on Respect your Elders, because I wasn't pulling it properly and Roshii died too while I was stuffing around.  The others were easy, but I did die on Watch him Die as I was kiting the adds away.

I hope Sunday we raid, I don't mind missing one day, but missing two bums me out.


  1. Yeah, it was pretty bad turn out last night, 30% of the heroic raid group failed to turn up ( not including Hwired of course ).

  2. I am guilty, I fell asleep! But.. I wasn't the only one....

  3. oh, so it wasn't just me! tsk tsk tsk

  4. But Roshii, you're like a teenager and you still need nana naps... I've got 2 toddlers - that's my excuse!

  5. hey, i didn't post that!

    - Roshii

  6. Bloody Nabe! I should have known. That's where he was that night.

  7. Ah, yes was me, forgot to put my thingy on it.


  8. what! that was me

    - Hwired


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