Sunday Raiding - Heroic Rhyolith and Happy Hallow's End!

Our Heroic team got Rhyolith down yesterday - YAY!  They did it with 3 healers, so I'm assuming the dps pumped out some good dps.  However, they got bored of doing heroics and cleared the rest on normal last night.  Yawn!!!
Roshii got Dreadfire Drape and Shnaptim got Grips of the Raging Giant.  Oh and guess what dropped from Rag - Kog'un... AGAIN.  Lucky Voe.  But unlucky that he had made the Lightforged Elementium Hammer that day for 6k.

Ah, the last day of Hallow's End.  I hope everyone got their Feline Familiar.  I got the Wickerman and I have to say I wish it was a pet rather than an item which takes up a bank slot.  I have to say I like the look of it, but not that it doubles as a cooking fore since my Lil' Ragnaros does that.

And yet another year I don't have a Headless Horseman Mount.  I swear RNG hates me.

So I have to put one last screenshot from this year's Hallow's End to finish up the holiday.  I thought this was funny (Valley of Wisdom, Orgrimmar).

And here we are with our costumes.... will have to grab Lacrox alone later.

One of the things I enjoy about things like Candy Buckets is that it gives me the opportunity to snap some more pics of rares from the low level zones.  Or improve on the ones I already have:

Happy Hallow's End everyone!  And don't forget to brush your teeth :B