Shattered fragments of Val'anyr

I am so happy! We finished off Ulduar yesterday and I got my last Fragment of Val'anyr when we killed Yogg. I was a bit distressed when we started earlier in the week because we had killed everything up to Kologarn including Algalon and no shards. However we got a few shards after that and I was super stoked when I had 29 heading up to Yogg since Yogg has 100% drop rate for a shard. Interestingly here is an interesting statistics table somebody posted in Wowhead.

Name, Location, Drop Chance
"Yogg-Saron" "Ulduar (Heroic)", "Guaranteed (100%)"
"Algalon the Observer", "Ulduar (Heroic)" "Low (15% - 24%)"
"Steelbreaker" "Ulduar (Heroic)" "Low (15% - 24%)"
"Ignis the Furnace Master" "Ulduar (Heroic)" "Very Low (3% - 14%)"
"Flame Leviathan" "Ulduar (Heroic)" "Very Low (3% - 14%)"
"Runemaster Molgeim" "Ulduar (Heroic)" "Very Low (3% - 14%)"
"Razorscale" "Ulduar (Heroic)" "Very Low (3% - 14%)"
"Auriaya" "Ulduar (Heroic)" "Very Low (3% - 14%)"
"XT-002 Deconstructor" "Ulduar (Heroic)" "Very Low (3% - 14%)"
"General Vezax" "Ulduar (Heroic)" "Very Low (3% - 14%)"
"Stormcaller Brundir" "Ulduar (Heroic)" "Very Low (3% - 14%)"

Note: The first containers listed here as "Low (15% - 24%)" Are the respective loot containers for defeating said boss on his/her's Hard Mode.

Contained in:
Name, Location, Drop Chance
"Freya's Gift" "Ulduar (Heroic)" "Low (15% - 24%)"
"Cache of Innovation" "Ulduar (Heroic)" "Low (15% - 24%)"
"Gift of the Observer" "Ulduar (Heroic)" "Low (15% - 24%)"
"Cache of Storms" "Ulduar (Heroic)" "Low (15% - 24%)"
"Rare Cache of Winter" "Ulduar (Heroic)" "Low (15% - 24%)"
"Cache of Living Stone" "Ulduar (Heroic)" "Very Low (3% - 14%)"
"Cache of Innovation" "Ulduar (Heroic)" "Very Low (3% - 14%)"
"Cache of Winter" "Ulduar (Heroic)" "Very Low (3% - 14%)"
"Cache of Storms" "Ulduar (Heroic)" "Very Low (3% - 14%)"

So now I'm up to Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings, and the quest text says:

Throw the Shattered Pieces of Val'anyr into Yogg-Saron's maw while he's casting Deafening Roar and defeat Yogg-Saron and recover the Reforged Hammer of Ancient Kings.

This can only be completed in Heroic mode and only if at least one Ulduar Watcher is not assisting you. 

So next week, going to throw my mace into Yogg's maw.  Might need a few more people just for Yogg, if we are going to do it with 3 keepers, we have been doing it with all keepers up.  One day it might be nice to do it with Alone in the Darkness, but that might be hard.  Maybe able to do it on 10 man.


  1. We need 25 man for hodir's chest!


  2. Don't worry Roshii we'll get your Transmog chest!!


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