Wednesday Raiding - No heroics, bad connections and getting Lushnek his quest items

We actually had a nice solid 25 man yesterday and everyone knew what they were doing, it was very pleasant.  Lushnek was trying to do his quest which is harder now because we kill things so fast now, and so Beth'tilac and Alysrazor were long and dragged out.  It didn't help that he had connection issues...

Not that I was any different because I also had lousy connection and was playing off my 3G for a while, which meant atrocious latency.  My ADSL stabilised after about an hour and half and I switched back to LAN but I was sad because it had been a while since those problems with my internet, and it looks like it's here to stay.  God I can't wait for NBN to my house.

So we had to wipe on Beth'tilac once and on Alysrazor once to complete the quest.  We had a few people who were upset about that, but in general I think people tolerated it well as it did help finish the quest item for Lushnek, who now only has to kill the extra boss.  He was feeling miserable afterwards, feeling like he shouldn't have raided and made everyone suffer but I said that it's done now, be happy that it's completed.  Anyway we at least only have Domo and Rag to go, and if we have enough tonight for a 25 man then that's all fine and dandy.

Good for Sev too, because he has almost got all his cinders.  I'll have to follow him on his little quest chain again, or at least make him take pictures while he's doing it.  He should be done with his cinders by next week.

My latency was so bad that I forgot to send tells for Crystal Prison Band from Shannox again.  Since Voe got it, I let him have it.  Geez, the amount of times that ring has dropped and I didn't take it... I think it's trying to tell me something.  Perhaps I should just wait till I am exalted and use the Exalted Hyjal rep ring, Quicksilver Signet of the Avengers.

Baleroc didn't go to my liking, it was a little heavier than on 10 man.  I think I haven't done it in a while, so I forgot how much damage the tank takes with decimation blade.  Anyway, I think the next time, I will get Shnaptim to stack to 40 stacks and then switch to tanks, instead of getting the full crystal soak from Ampharos.  Anyway, it was still 1 shotted but wasn't as tidy as I would like.  Need to make the healers look good.