Navimie now on Twitter!

OK, I gave in and decided to give Twitter a go and join the blog community on Twitteroth.  And OMG is it busy!  I feel like I don't have the right etiquette on how to talk.  I thought maybe being on Twitter would reduce my need to blog about every WoW thought that popped into my head, as I remember a blogger I admire saying that people it's better to post occasionally but with substance, which is totally not how I post.  But then again, this is the DAILY Frostwolf :P

So I looked for all the bloggers I follow and added them.  And  they all added me as well.  And now I have more crazy things to waste my time on... and more blogs to read as well!

So now you can find me @Navimiedruid on Twitter.  And I will be off to read my Twitter Guide Book.