Monday raiding - attempted heroic Majordomo

Well we had a few goes on Domo, and we tried it various ways, but we ended up trying to do it how we do normal.  More on that later.

So we tried it initially with no scorpion phases.  The melee were supposed do the orbs but they hadn't done it before so it turned out pretty messy.  And I know they were not happy with their DPS because they felt like they had no boss time.  So after a few attempts of that we went back to the normal way that we do it.

Doing it that way meant that we couldn't get the big bonus damage/healing buff (Concentration) and it made the fight longer.  And though we lasted longer, we never did do as much damage as we did the first few times.  In the end we had to kill it on normal as we were running out of time.  Protector shoulders dropped again, and had to be vendored, since nobody needed it.  I think the rest of the loot was sharded.

So on to Rag - which at least was one shot :) - and we managed to get Ragnar-O's as well (by accident!).  And guess what dropped... Vanquisher Helm and Kog'un again!  So I couldn't take both - that would be bad form - so I took the Helm (otherwise it would have gone as offspec) and let Ampharos take the Hammer, so he was happy.  I'm not too fussed - it will drop again, at the rate this is going!  The other thing that dropped was Matrix Restabilizer which sent Roshii into fits of ecstasy (after he had a grumble about his trinket not dropping from Domo).

I have to admit I am a bit disappointed at not being able to do heroic modes.  I feel like I need the challenge and sense of achievement from killing something new.  I do realise that they boys working on their Legendary prefer not to be stuffing around killing things and taking ages, when we could be doing it on 25 man so that they get their Legendary stuff faster - and don't get me wrong, I am all for getting your Legendary - but I do love to raid because of the sense of achievement you get from it.  It's not just about killing for the loot - I love to learn a new fight and get the strategy down pat.  I tell people it's because of the loot and the achievements that go with it, but I really am happy trying to learn something, to challenge myself to put out that bit more and heal to the maximum of my ability.  I might complain about the OOM or the sore wrists and fingers, but the adrenaline rush of trying to kill something new and thinking you could do it is intoxicating.

People in the guild have said we are not a heroic guild - and it's true, we never have been a heroic guild.  But I feel like the nerfs have turned the heroics almost into normal mode, so I want to be able to do them, and try them.  And to do that you really need like minded people to do it with, because otherwise they get grumpy from constant wiping, and I get grumpy from doing it EZ mode.

So come Wednesday, hopefully we can do 25 man Beth'tilac, Alysrazor and Baleroc so people can get some loot and come raid (and get Legendary quest stuff), and then switch over to 10 mans so we can bash at heroic again.