Melbourne visit - hanging with Roshii and Aza

Flew down to Melbourne late last night as Hyad had a conference and I got to hang out with Roshii and Aza.

Roshii had a birthday party in the morning to go to and Aza came as soon as he could, but it was Derby Day here in Melbourne (Spring Carnival is on) so it was pretty busy and there are lots of fancy dressed people around Flinders Station today.  Here are some pics from Myer's Derby Day Winners.

I tried to contact Beldarien but he wasn't answering his phone!  Az and I met up about 1130 and took a walk around and snacked on some yummy chips and mayo and then went back to find Roshii.  Az had never looked at his photo on the forums and I had an idea of what he looked like, so we decided to make a game of it and see if Roshii would see us first or if we would see him first.  He saw us first.

Az and I were already talking excitedly about WoW stuff, and it didn't take Roshii long to join in.  Imagine that, talking for 3-4 hours non stop about WoW stuff.  You wouldn't think it was possible would you!

Oh, managed to get in contact with Bel at about 230pm.  He sounded dreadful.  He was dreadfully hungover.  He said I forgot to tell him I was coming to Melbourne today (!!!).  I am sure I said it was this weekend.... anyway I let him go back to sleep.
We walked to our lunch destination which was Mrs Parma's, which specialises in beer and Parmagiana (apparently the most popular pub food here in Melbourne).  We ate our lunch and talked loudly the whole time until we were kicked out at 1615.  I had a nice time, and I think Az and Roshii did too.

And you know what? I FORGOT TO TAKE PICS! Doh!

Now QANTAS has grounded all flights, and I was due to fly out tomorrow.  I have managed to secure a Virgin Blue flight but this extraordinary action is getting amazing live coverage on the news.

Oh and Roshii's reputation with Navimie is increased by 10 after he said that I was younger looking than he expected!


  1. ohh love the ladies dresses and so as the guys very gentlemen I hope not only the looks haha. I am glad you had fun girl! Take care!

  2. @Amerencie - I think meeting guildies is always fun!


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