Manbull and potions of Treasure Finding

Manbull made a post in the guild forums about Potion of Treasure Finding and how many things he could get.  He seemed to get quite a few chests out of one pot, though the mobs he was killing was a closely guarded secret.

Nabe and I thought we'd go try it, and so off he went on his feral druid and was killing those mobs that you bomb in Uldum for the daily.  He seemed to have a reasonable drop rate though it was hard work, and he wasn't sure it was worth the effort.

I tried it and I failed miserably!  I died 4 times!  There were obviously a number of problems:
  1. Doing it as resto sucks
  2. Trying to pull more than 5 mobs as resto sucks
  3. I have terrible awareness when it comes to mobs so I would often back into more mobs and then we end up with Point 2.
  4. I kill things at the speed of snail, so per hour I wouldn't get that many kills
  5. And did I say that resto sucks?
So Manbull's record from one potion:
The 40 treasure chests yielded exactly
  • 139g 84s 13c
  • 178x Embersilk Cloth
  • 21x Pyrite Ore
  • 7x Volatile Air
  • 15x Volatile Life
  • 14x Volatile Earth
  • 16x Volatile Fire
  • 11x Volatile Water
  • 9x Elementium ore
  • 1x Cataclysm Green
Nice haul on the pyrite!   But the gold is rather ordinary I thought.  The enchant was a lucky drop.  Well, though that was great for Manbull, probably not worth it for me, since I would kill at 1/5-1/10 of the speed that he kills (since I can't pull many mobs).


  1. Navi, you can't kill them as resto :P, as feral ( bear ) spec, you can take on 2 patrols ( 18 non elite's. 2 elite's ), but that can get tricky /nod.


  2. I can kill them as resto! Just 2 at a time and VERY slooooowly...

  3. Bah, thats not killing them, that more like poking them with a stick :p. Probably can try the elemental at the hyjal start place, only have like 30k health and I dont think they have a long re-spawn timer :)



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