Highlights of the Week from my Blogroll October 29, 2011

I'm posting a day early because I am not sure I'll be on tomorrow and I prefer to be early than "Better late than never!"

I really love good reads from the heart.  And though I think the post-Blizzcon posts are still coming this week, one of the things I read this week was Azeroth Apple's post about Corpsegrinder at Blizzcon.  I wondered why she said that, and I thought, is she a he?  And on further reading of her blog I came across her post (which I should say, his post) about a IMPORTANT! Personal Announcement.  Totally not WoW related, but an announcement about himself.  Took some guts to say that.  Hats off to Apple.  I have only visited Apple's site a few times, but never commented before (he was a Twisted Nether guest) so I didn't feel like I should comment on that post even though I was totally blown away (and I really admired what he said.  I just felt like it looked like I only read his blog to see that post).  Basically it was "coming out" post.

Kamalia wrote about what her toons are wearing this Hallow's end - I swear that Kamalia has such awesome ideas. Now I want a Watcher's Tunic.  It reminded me of one time where she had a post about what her bank looked like with all the clothes she had.  Check it out here.

So, Pandas huh? was the title of Big Bear Butt's post but it was on so much more than pandas.  In fact I liked it because it was another positive post about MoP, not another hate post.  Yes yes I know everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I like posts that make me happy and like things!  I like the fact that BBB likes Pandas, and was willing to give Pokewow a go, and this quote made me think:
I know I have never liked mini-games in games
And of course the first thing I thought of was that Plants vs Zombies mini game that gives you the Singing sunflower pet.  You know, because of that mini game, I have PvZ on my iPad now and I play it ALL THE TIME.  Bloody addictive if you ask me.  But an awesome mini game in WoW though.  I thought hey, I want more of these.  And my wish has been granted.

The other thing that this post inspired in me was somebody said "What a shame we don't have Pandaren Druids" and then it made me think.  So how COOL would it be if a giant Panda was the bear form?  But wait - they're already giant pandas.  So what would they look like as Bear form?  Perhaps they should be humanoid in bear form /giggle.  Or maybe just black and white bear form except fatter.  Oh, and the other thing I am looking forward to in MoP, would be to get that Monk's hat for my costume collection.