Highlights of the week from my Blogroll October 16, 2011

Tzufit has become my favourite read this week.  She has just written fantastic post after post!  She wrote about the first time she played WoW and realising that she wasn't a good player on her lock, and the revelations it brought.  And the responses to that post were also great reads.  I replied as well, recounting my first realisation that I was a bad player:
I do remember my first time playing WoW and I knew nothing of the game, I was just playing and levelling and thinking everything was fun. I was on a 10 day trial, playing a Nelf hunter (as I think everyone does!) and alternating playing with my hubby and it wasn’t until somebody invited me to an instance when I realised I wasn’t doing something right.

I had never grouped with anyone before (as all I had been doing was questing and killing things), and I had no idea about need or greed or anything like that, and so everytime I saw something drop that I could use I hit need because other people did too. Of course I copped a lot of abuse, and nobody in the party would speak to me – in fact in hindsight now I am surprised they didn’t kick me – but I really didn’t know what I had done wrong or how to play in a party. I was embarrassed and I didn’t want to play with anyone anymore.
But then the trial acount ran out so I bought accounts for my husband and I to play, and I asked my friend who recruited me into WoW to play with us, and hubby got his friend to buy an account too. So all 4 of us played and levelled together in a group doing everything until we hit level 40 or so, and got a better of idea of how to play in a group. I played a Tauren druid, hubby played a Tauren Warrior, my friend played a Tauren Hunter, and hubby’s friend a Tauren Shaman. It was fun to group now, and we all played exclusively together and never with anyone else so we got used to certain playstyles. But I was petrified of playing with anyone else outside our circle because I felt like an idiot after my hunter thing.

After that we just PVP’d and I learnt my character more and my anxiety about playing with others became less and less. Obviously now it’s gone, being in a guild and all, but I still remember those old days, and cringe at how noobie I was.
 Oh and while you're there, check out her post on "What makes a good raid".  Another great read.

After Lacrox wrote his story for me I have started reading other stories written by people and Akabeko's guildie wrote a great tale for his departure from the game. An excellent read and has inspired me, that if I ever leave the game I will write a story for my departure.  Aka wrote a great follow up epilogue to it too - The Funeral, which is also a great read.  Kamalia apparently gave her some tips about Tauren Funeral rites (that Kamalia, she knows everything!)

Ok, ordinarily, I don't like reading nonsensical blogs. But there is something irresistible about this blog that I can't help going back. Is it the drawings? His sense of humour? Omg I don't know what it is, you have to go look yourself to see if you are drawn to it like I am.


  1. Wow, thank you for the write-up. I really appreciate it!

  2. @Tzufit - You're welcome! Thanks for the great reading this week, and thanks for visiting :)

  3. Thank you for the link! I also enjoyed Tzufit's article :)

  4. @redcow - YW aka, and thanks for the linkback to my hallow's end post!


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