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Cannot be Tamed - Resto Druid T13 Sneak Peak
Jasyla has a bit at the end of her post regarding T13 Tank 4 piece bonuses, which I didn't notice and has made me think!
DK – Your Vampiric Blood ability also affects all party and raid members for 50% of the effect it has on you.
Druid – Frenzied Regeneration also affects all raid and party members.
Paladin – Reduces the cooldown of Divine Guardian by 60 sec and increases the radius of its effect by 70 yards.
Warrior – Your Shield Wall ability now grants 50% of its effect to all party and raid members.
So it looks like tanks will be doing some healing... well sometimes even a lot of healing!  So they're going to hold their cooldowns until the raid needs it???  I think the tanks have enough issue keeping themselves alive without having to worry about everyone else's health.  I feel like it's my job!  Already Hwired outheals healers on a few fights, so does that mean now he's going to be a permanent fixture in the top 3 healers?  Jasyla also worried that she would now have to give up her tier for her tanks, but with DKP instead of loot council we probably won't have that problem and we just cope with what we have.  But with a DK and a bear tank competing with me for my gear on top of mages who always have more dkp than me, it would be a long wait for me to get a Tier piece.

Restokin - How social is your raiding guild?
Interesting that I was talking about our guild in an earlier post and I come across this one of Lissanna's that was written a few days before.  I like the fact that we have a social raiding guild.  We have a lot of socials, it adds to the atmosphere I think.  Not everyone is a hard core raider.  We have quite a few who would like to see the raiding side of things but have too much RL stuff going on, or just don't have the time, so the social raids are fun for them (ie old world stuff).  Social raiding is an interesting concept actually!  I might make a post about that later.

Murloc Parliament - There is no Best Healer, There is Only Team Heal
I like the title of that post.  And reading this post, made me think about my healers and whether I have best healers or I have a Team Heal. I know who my strong healers are, and I know how to make the best of the weaker ones.  I like the concept of Team Heal, but when I split my groups I still have to think about how to balance carrying a weaker healer.  But there are some healer combos which are dynamite.

Each healer has their strengths and weaknesses.  Shnaptim knows the fights but can get very impatient and frustrated with others.  Beauti is quiet, always listens to raid instructions and doesn't try to change things, but can get upset if she feels she is not doing well.  Biship heals best under pressure but when heal snipers are around he is happy to sit back and warm the bottom of the charts!  Target has on and off days, and adapts poorly to change. Yuda is quiet for the most part except when it seems like he asks 10 questions about a certain mechanic, though once he gets it he gets it. Voe is loud and annoying at times (some woudl say all the time) but at least he learns quickly.  Ea is great when he knows the fight but slow to pick it up.  And me?  Well, other than being egocentric and bossy, I know myself that I am not the fastest to pick up a mechanic (eg Alys cyclones)


  1. this won't increase my healing :) it will increase the healers. Each raid member will get a buff that increases health received from healing by 12.5%

  2. Now I have to guess which tank wrote this...
    I'm guessing that it's a DK writing it so is it Hwired??

  3. 12.5% ... Hwired, glyph your damn Vampiric blood! :p

  4. Pallies wont get a healing thing either, just a 20% damage reduction for everyone around ( well shorter cooldown or unless they are changing the spell too ). I am guessing there are going to be fights that require this or yeah the 4 piece bonus is kind of meh.

    Bel/Nabe ( whichever :P )

  5. Oops Sorry. Sev is correct. It will actually be 20%


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