Healers and offspec dps in Firelands

People have been talking about how you only need 2 healers for Firelands for certain boss fights.  Or in 25 man, how you only need 4 healers for fights.  Ok, well that's all well and good, but some of us just don't LIKE dpsing, and I wish that it wasn't this way.

I guess one of the issues is that if you do it that way, you can have more DPS, which means a quicker fight and better chances of success.  However, there are lots of healers in our guild who don't particularly want to DPS, or are not good at DPS.  This would be myself included.  I am duel specced resto - one is for PVP, the other is for raiding.  And both specs are different and I even use them interchangeably if I want certain healing abilities.

But is this really fair?  For some healers who enjoy healing and being good at what you do, switching to offspec DPS means that now you are the worst of the DPS, and your aim is to be doing more DPS than the tank.  Which is hardly an admirable position in the DPS heirarchy, but really what can you expect from us?  We are lower priority when it comes to offspec gear, and we don't play it that often.

I wish that you could just leave it as 3 healers for 10s and 7 healers for 25s all the time.  Then we wouldn't have this issue where we have to sit healers out or make us offspec DPS (which is worse if we have had to sit some mainspec DPS out - making it more likely we sit out healers if we need the DPS).  It seems like everyone these days needs to be a DPS.

Beru made a similar post about consistency with healers, about this topic.  Her guild is a heroic 25 guild so they don't play as we play, where we make do with what we have and try to make a go of it, and it's especially a problem when you do 10s and 25s interchangeably with our guild as we do (due to attendance issues), which means even more people miss out.  And from the numbers of comments she had in that post, there are a lot of people out there who feel this way about offspec dpsing.

Some people may think I am lazy and don't want to DPS or get out of my comfort zone.  I guess it's not so much MY position I'm worried about, as in my guild I am the only resto druid.  We have 2 shamans, 3-4 priests, 2 paladins, and they are the ones who will be doing the offspec DPS or sit outs more than myself.  But to be fair to them, I have to do my share of sitting out, and is that what I really want to do?  Of course not.