Hallow's End 2011 - What's new and what's changed

Hallow's End has got to be one of the best holidays in the WoW year.  All the candy, the masks, the Headless Horseman, playing tricks on Alliance... there are just so many things to do!  And I love the decorations of course!

There are quite a few changes to Hallow's End this year.  The stinkbomb quest is rather fun - you get teleported to Stormwind on a Crone's broom and drop stinkbombs on Stormwind.  You can't get killed by alliance so that's pretty cool!

You no longer talk to the innkeepers to get your treats, you get them from the buckets.  Which means you will run out if you do all the candy buckets, but at least you can do a lot in one day.   And they now have a cool graphic when you eat candies too!

Pyroblast cinnamon balls - Makes you look hot
Soothing Spearmint candy - Makes you look cool
G.N.E.R.D.S. - Makes you look more intelligent
Chewy Fel Taffy - Makes you look wicked
And now you can buy all your masks from vendors now.  I only had one to go last year, but with Cataclysm they got 4 new masks so I was 5 short in total.  I ended up buying the ones I needed, but in hindsight, I should have done it AFTER I finished doing all the candy buckets!

Spoops, Chub, Darla, Farina and Orphan matron Nanee in UC are the vendors
(well Chub, Darla and Farina are)
And there are two new pets this year!  One is from one of the Hallow's End quest chains and the other is bought.  They are both really awesome!
The Feline Familiar costs 150 Tricky Treats (which you get from dailies and visiting candy buckets) and flies on a broom when you fly!

The Creepy Crate eats critters and follows you around and does flips.  It's a great companion, my daughter really likes it.  The quest chain had one interesting Harry Potter like bit where you follow the spiders back to Orgrimmar and talk to the person at the end.

You can also buy other kinds of masks which increase your agility (Murloc), intellect (Naga), stamina (Ogre) and strength (Vrykul) which stack on top of your flasks/food which I haven't bought yet, but people tell me are great!

And of course, Headless Horseman drops level 85 rings (ilvl 365) this year.  And maybe this year I'll be lucky and get a mount... but I wouldn't hold my breath.

So good luck achievement hunters and mount/pet collectors!  Gotta catch them all!


  1. The little flying kitty! Candy buff animations! Hats on statues in Dalaran! This is an amazing post :)


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