Guildie Guest Ayelena - 2 years of Playing WoW

After two years of playing this game I can say that I’m still hooked. It all started with me playing a Tauren Warrior on my son’s account. Getting to level 10+ and getting annoyed about how the NPC’s (not the creatures) would run away and I’d have to chase after them. I didn’t like that so much, so I then created a Gnome Rogue (because I loved playing a Halfling Rogue in Dungeons and Dragons). Another melee class, but this one comes with a ranged attack. As I was still trying the learn how to play the game I enjoyed this toon for a while, but again it became annoying with the NPC’s running away. I also got a chance to make a Death Knight as we bought Wrath of the Lich King and I liked this class. Especially now that I had a way to drag back the NPC who was running away. But it was becoming difficult for both my son and I to play on the one account. I had the game on the many PCs we have, but with only one account. I couldn’t get on all the time.

So it was at this time that I created my own WOW account (I was hooked) and I linked to my son’s battlenet account. Still exploring the different classes and using the Recruit a Friend (RAF), my son and I made a pair of Blood Elves, Ayelena & Jenkens were born. I found that I liked the versatility of the Warlock class and having a pet that added damage was great. We both levelled together for quite some time, but my son became bored with a Mage and then he created a Blood Elf Paladin (Corael). Using the RAF system I levelled his toon in front of another toon. They were watching us do this at the time and he called us both hackers until we told him it because of the RAF system, that I could level his toon. It was quite funny at the time. My son also likes to play on his first toon Skullwarrior, but it was Corael that he levelled to 80 then 85 first.

Now Ayelena had different partner, but one that could tank whilst I would DPS down the bad guy.
It was during this time that I found out about PvP and achievements. My first go at some PvP was the arena in Gadgetzan. I stumbled across the arena master and said yes. This then saw Ayelena teleported to the arena with a Rogue as my partner. I then proceeded to die very quickly every time I respawned in an arena. My partner must have thought “What a noob” and the opposition must have been thinking this is too easy. This experience has tainted my view on PvP, especially the arena, with me hating it to the point of never going back. I have never done any arena PvP since. I think it’s because I’m an old bugger and don’t have the reflexes to keep up with the younger folk. I do some battlegrounds from time to time, but it’s very annoying to die all the time and not get too many kills. I only do them only to get achievements.

Achievements are much more fun and I can say that I’m in the 10k points club (Currently 7th in the guild). Apart from doing quests, this was an aspect of the game that I liked and the rewards for some achievements were very good. Getting a new title or a mount made this more rewarding that the PvP side of the game.

With this game I also found out that if you want to do dungeons or raids, the best way was to be in a guild. I initially joined a guild that was full of female toons, but they did nothing together and so I left. Joining a few guilds along the way until I met up with the Frostwolves and finding a home for all my Horde toons.

Roaming around the world of Azeroth has some interesting highs and lows. Meeting up with some interesting NPCs and watching the world change with Cataclysm have been some of the highs. The lows are all the changes to the classes just to keep the PvPers happy.

Anyway, that’s about I have to say for now, so enjoy a few more pics I’ve taken from time to time.

About Ayelena: Ayelena joined us on Dath'remar, recruited through Mabaho's work forums, during WoTLK.  Ayelena loves achievements and mounts and pets - a true collector at heart.  He is often seen lurking online in the early hours of morning before work - what I affectionately refer to as "The breakfast club".


  1. Thanks Ayelena! I'm glad to see you're still loving WoW. And thanks Corael for adding in the extra pics :)


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