Conclusion of my internet saga - I hope!

Taking up where I left off in the original saga...

So late Sunday night, the phones started working again so I rang Internode and cancelled the Telstra guy who was going to come on Monday, and on Monday I called the tech guy who was going to check my cabling and install a central splitter.   He said he would be at my place at lunchtime, but he turned up at around 1030.  So he spent an hour pottering around, I checked the phone was still working (which it was) and in the meantime the internet was on and off as it had been all week.  After an hour, he came to me and said he could find nothing wrong with the place and that it is likely to be an external problem, but it would still cost me $150.  So I paid that, and thought OK, well at least that's one thing ruled out.

Then the phones died again.

So another service call, and because it was so late in the day, they told me that they couldn't send a Telstra guy out till Tuesday.  Great.  I was wishing by now I hadn't cancelled that original Monday service call.

However, about 3 hours later, the phone rang.  I was surprised - the phone was dead last I checked!  It was a Telstra tech, doing work on my line and he had found a loose connection at a junction and fixed that and now my phone was working.  However, the internet still wasn't working...

So I rang Internode (again!) and told them that the phone was fixed but the internet still wasn't working so they submitted a fault, and I didn't know how long it was going to be before it was fixed.

I managed to do Ulduar on 3G that night, and the net was still down, thought it came back later but was VERY slow.

So on Tuesday, Telstra came out to fix the phones again, and hubby was home.  So they tried a few things, the internet still wasn't working, and then they replaced something outside, and then everythign started working.  The fax started working again.  And the internet was working again!  We checked it and there were one or 2 dropouts over a period of hours but it seemed to be working as it used to.  I was just happy the fax was working - I knew there was nothing wrong with the fax!

So my net is fixed, I am ready to raid.  And to all those people who said "I told you it was something to do with the line, not your filters".... yes yes yes, I know, I should have listened to you all in the first place.