Booted with finality from the #1 Achievements spot in guild

Well, it couldn't last long!

Kaligrin has overtaken me by 180 points in a day by doing all the 25 man ICC, Ulduar, TOC achievements!

Well, the question is, should I do my dungeon achievements to catch up?  Or shall I just sit back in 2nd place and not worry about it.

Hmm, or a 3rd option - gkick Kaligrin and put myself back in the number one spot again.  I think this is a great idea /wink.


  1. Nooo only Fue can /gkick people, but maybe the fake Fue could >.> :p

  2. You know perfectly well that I would never do that! Besides, Thraso and Cymre left all by themselves :)


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