Arathi Basin - My favourite BG weekend

It must be my lucky weekend as well being my favourite BG.  Got 2 achievements today.  I got Territorial Dominance in a nice last minute 5 cap and just then I got We Had it All Along *cough*.  It was a game where it was going to be close but the timer said Alliance was going to win (they took a 3rd base) so we had a few people leave in the last few seconds.  I thought, oh man, Alliance is going to get the achievement, as I watched them both tick to 1590.  And then bang the achievement sound and window came up, and I was thinking "Oh, I didn't know I could see Alliance achievements" and I was quitting the BG whe I realised that it was ME with the achievement!

So I forgot to screenshot it!  DOH!!

But I thought I would include an old screenshot I took back when there were no achievements and the cap was up to 2000, when we did only just win by 10.


  1. Ah that screenshot brought on a shiver on nostalgia!

    - Jamin

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  3. @Jamin - I wish I had taken a screenie for the actual achievement but I am glad I had some proof I had done that sort of thing before


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