Adding variety to my blog - guildie guest spots

I feel like I need to add some variety to my blog - so I was thinking today that perhaps each week I should do a feature on a guildie - or have a guildie write something about WoW related stuff - whether that is their favourite piece of lore, why they love a certain aspect of WoW, describing their legendary, what it's like to be the guild leader... the options go on and on!  It could even be an outlet for any guildie who would like to write something about WoW to let out some creative steam.

So stay tuned for my first edition of "Guildie Guest Spot" - starting this Monday!

Any guildies who would like to participate please comment on this post - but I am sure that most of you are quite shy and don't want to be drafted in.  Rest assured that there will be no nasty comments about your post, and after a while you may find it's fun to let your creative monkey out!

Sylvanas challenges you! "Who could bear such a burden?"
Sylvanas by Ainiki

(btw you can never have too many pictures of Sylvanas)


  1. Thanks Lac! Ayelena, Mabaho and Faithless have also been drafted, so looks like I will have at least one month's worth to keep me going!


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