4 piece Tier and spirit

Got my Tier shoulders today from our run, and we got Ragnaros down as well - didn't do as well as the other group, no one shot for us!  Took us a few goes but we got it eventually.

I also managed to pick up Necromantic Focus for offspec.  I thought I would try it out for fun as a healing trinket - if I just put one moonfire and keep refreshing it then I'll get to keep the extra 340 mastery on all the time which would be kinda nice.   Means I have to replace my Darkmoon card: Tsunami, but perhaps it's time to retire it.

Today I was rethinking my stance on spirit.  I was enchanting a druid who was constantly reforging and reenchanting his gear, and he told me that he has 1600 spirit and spirit is weak.  It reminded me of a post Beru made about Devaluing Spirit that was one of my Highlights of the Week from my Blogroll.  I remember that Jasyla had Spirit down to 1700 and didn't seem to miss it.  So I wanted to try to push my mastery up to 20% so I reforged out of spirit to just under 2000.  So I wonder how that will go.