You still can't carry 8 people on Ragnaros after nerf

Majordomo went down easily, even with all the stuff ups, it was just a whole heap easier than normal.  You can still carry people for that.  Ragnaros however, is not something you can just turn up and do if you haven't read it or are slow off the mark still.

Interestingly, our FIRST attempt was our best attempt, as we managed to get to the second adds phase with the big fire adds up.  However, that was our only good attempt.

People were getting hit by fire from his hammer, running in too early on the bombs, or not moving out of the fire on the ground fast enough.  And we had quite a few people not killing their adds properly.  It was painful and good players got stressed and upset.  But I think that since we started on 25 man it was ok to let everyone feel the pain.  From Sunday we will have to take a stacked group for it.  If we have enough good players we may be able to take 2 groups, but one really stacked group, and one semi stacked group.

Either way we are going to kill it on Sunday.  Grrrr.