Vyragosa at last!!!

I left my computer on while I was cooking to camp Vyragosa and I came back to my keyboard at 1400 just to check stuff and I saw a blue dragon flying towards me... my hands started shaking...

Now, my NPCscan didn't go off, nor did my Silverdragon until much later, so I think I forgot to clear my cache again.  LUCKY!  Because I may not have heard it go off if that was the case.

So I flew into her and then to the ground.  And tried to compose a shot.  Couldn't get a decent one though :(  And in the excitement I also forgot to take a screenie of my Frostbitten achievement.  But here's proof.

When I tagged, her I had tears in my eyes.  I was so happy.  And so excited.  No tears fell though.  However, it could also have been the fact that I was cooking just prior to sitting at the computer and I had been chopping onions...

So at long last (well it's only been 1 month), Vyragosa rest in peace.  I will be leaving you alone from now on.
Look it's shiny for ME!!!!  My kill!


  1. Congrats Navi!!
    I actually found it last night while you guys were raiding and took a screenie just in case, but didn't want to disturb you by announcing it :P
    Glad to hear it popped again for you...

    - Flex

  2. @Flex - Flexie you know I would have left raid just for that kill!!! Vyragosa > Ragnaros seriously!! OMG I can't believe you didn't tell me...

  3. grats navi!


  4. @Roshii - I was looking forward to raid time so I could tell you about it myself! :) Thanks buddy!


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