So why have we still not killed Rag yet?

Well, I was hoping to get this down yesterday but that didn't happen.  We ended up with 20 people turning up!  So Bel said he felt like he had to make 2 groups or Fue would have 10 angry people leaving letters in his mailbox.  So we had to split it up a little.

Which unfortunately meant that we couldn't kill Rag.  In one group adds were getting to the hammer.  In the other group just didn't have enough dps to get things down.  And we had a few grumpy people, who said they didn't get on to wipe.  However, if we can only take a certain number of people to the encounter, then would they be angry for being sat out as well?

Lindrel admitted to me himself that he couldn't hit the right mob to save his life and was a bit confused each hammer.  I guess having Malaetus there would only make it more confusing also heh heh.

Ayelena liked to frustrate me by getting hit by the wave when I was on the other side of the room and having to run over and try to heal him!  Faith's dps was not the best, but she was good with her trap popping as always.

Even though we wiped a lot I did have a few laughs during my raid.  I ended up 2 healing it with Yuda for the last few attempts so that we could get some extra DPS on the adds during the big Adds hammer phase.  Of course, we got there and Voe died and so me and Yuda paid him out for dying in the only bit he was supposed to be useful for.  Then when we got to the meteor phase I was running around and Yuda died so that I was stuck healing the tanks full time and living off mana fumes and the meteor was coming towards me and I somehow got myself stuck in the far right corner, and I could see it steamrolling towards Barkhoof... and it smacked into him and he was like "What the!!!"  Yeah oops.  I am still giggling about it a little bit.  Hey, there was fire there!  It was the first time I'd seen meteors!  I know you're supposed to hit them when they get near you but they never seemed to get near me...  Aza told me he was hitting them for me.

So 2 healing it is possible.  Now I know what Glow was talking about.  If nobody gets hit by dumb stuff it's definitely 2 healable. 

Aza did impart some great advice.  We put 2 markers in the middle, one part way back and one at the front.  So we stack at the middle one first then the front one which was great for dealing with hammer and stuff.  I really liked that, except I often forget whether we had to go blue or purple next...

I was chatting to a guildie last night, who, like me, has a friend on another server downing all heroic mode FL in one night (well except Rag).  My friend asks me why we don't just stack a group.  My guildie's mate asks why don't we just gkick those who are underperforming.

Frostwolves is not that kind of guild.  We have always been a social and pleasant guild, where you can raid if you want, you can just hang if you want.  We don't force people to change specs to suit our raid needs - we do suggest though!  The only thing we don't tolerate is bad behaviour - childish, abusive, petulant spoilt child type behaviour.  We gkicked someone a few months ago who was laughing about griefing other players on his hunter (he offered to help another hunter tame a pet and then ninja'd the tame).  We have also gkicked people who abuse other players in the guild by calling them abusive names and saying how bad they are in guild channel or trade channel.  But as far as I am aware we have never gkicked anyone for being a bad player - we let them leave though on their own!

So if I had to think of a motto or a line that describes our guild, it would probably be "Leave No Man Behind."  Because we do tend to carry people, just because they are nice people or regular attenders, unfortunately to the detriment of our better players.  Though sometimes that can be annoying, I think that I have accepted it over the last few years, and it doesn't really bother me anymore.  It's just how things are done here.

Glenn Rane - Leave no man behind!!!


  1. That orc should be a female rogue!

    that would make the pictue

  2. At least one of the 'grumpy people' offered to sit out because he knew what was going to happen and didn't want to waste his Sunday night. <.<


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