Resto druid Tier 12 gloves vs Boomkin Tier 12 gloves

I have been waiting for Cindersilk gloves to drop off Beth'tilac but no luck.  And I wouldn't waste Living Embers on making Heavenly Gloves of the Moon since I already have the boots.  And I really don't like the Tier 12 Resto gloves (Obsidian Arborweave Handwraps) - I mean look at them, no spirit, with crit on them!  The mastery is ok though.  And I already have 2 piece T12.

So I had been seriously considering getting the Boomkin T12 (Obsidian Arborweave Gloves).  Great stats!  Spirit and haste!

So since I had Valor points to burn (enough to buy both gloves) I decided to buy the Boomkin gloves.  And I thought if I had even more Valor points to burn, I could wear 2 piece Boomkin T12 and see if that treant appears.... that would be hilarious.

Now don't get me wrong - if I get shoulders or a helm I will buy my gloves!  And wear 4 piece.  But now I have  a nice buttload of haste and enough reforged to mastery so I am almost at 20%.

I'll probably get smashed by other druids for being so crappy and needing the haste (well, not need, but it is nice to have it!) so I will see how I go with these boomkin gloves for a while (bet next week the Beth'tilac gloves drop!).


  1. This is funny... kind of, don't get me wrong :-) ...because I was totally expecting more geared players (say, towards 375 ilvl or something) to start looking for crit/mastery stuff instead of spirit/haste. I guess I'm underestimating the importance of the alchemy trinket... getting the 'right drop' is also very important I suppose.

  2. LOL, I found this post because I'm considering the same thing; buying the boomkin instead of resto T12 gloves. The itemization on our resto gloves is just awful, and who knows if I'll ever see the Beth'tilac ones drop? So just how hard will other druids laugh if I'm wearing boomkin gloves?

  3. @thelazytree - I have to admit I'm a big haste/mastery fan, and I really loathe crit. To me crit isn't reliable. I don't really need the spirit anymore but I just like having it... old habits die hard!

    @Sera - Hehe, well I won't be laughing at you because I'm using them too! I also am wondering how many resto druids will whisper me saying "Um, do you realise you're wearing the wrong gloves?"

  4. Have the gloves been working out for you? I recently been contplating the same thing myself and I've been looking around and came across your site that mentions my I waste the Valor, go for the boomie t12 or get the 2 piece resto t12? My current stats are:

    Spell Power 7471
    Haste 18.06%
    Crit 16.37%
    Mana Regen 3720
    Combat Regen 2325
    Intellect 5415
    Spirit 2266
    Mana 106650

  5. @Delleyntar - I got my shoulders the other week so I HAD to go get my Tier gloves. I noticed you got the Resto gloves just now and I think that I got them for the haste - now with my Tier gloves I have to reforge a lot of spirit out into haste (a lot of people have been telling me that spirit is useless so I thought I'd try low spirit and see how I go). You probably will find it better to keep the 2 Tier 12 and 2 Tier 11 bonuses at this stage I think. Your haste is good, so I think you can afford it!


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