Raid Night 2 - 2x10 man yay!

I was a little late logging on last night so I missed out on a raid spot :*(

But at least we got 2 groups off the ground!  I did see a Malaetus and Lindrel logging off, and wondered if they had been sat out but they hadn't been.  If we had 2 more people show up we COULD have had a 25 going!

Anyway, so we had a full complement of healers for both groups, with almost the exact same makeup.  Disc priest, Shaman and Holy pally, both groups.  So on Shannox they were assigned identical healing roles so we can compare them and hopefully glean some useful information.

So I was off camping Vyragosa on Navi and herbing on my 2nd account (thanks Epi! Makes camping a whole lot less painful and I feel a lot more productive).  However, Fue's group was struggling on Baleroc, and after a while I offered to join in and do that one boss so they could continue.  So we got it down (wasn't a clean kill.. but I will tell you why in a subsequent post....) and then I offered to step back out so Lite could come back but I was asked to stay.  So we did Rhyolith and then off to Alysrazor where we nearly got it but with a few new people it wasn't going to be a one shot, I didn't think.

The other group was great, they one shotted everything and got to have a few goes at Staghelm.  It was a good night all up, made up for Wednesday's non raiding event.  Looking forward to Sunday, hopefully everyone turns up and we can all have a good go.