Ragnaros finally down!

Well we finally got our stacked group.  And it was a great night.

Tanks: Hwired, Belinia
Healers: Navimie, Voe, Beauti
DPS: Lushnek, Moopie, Roshii, Azadelta, Ampharos

Our first attempt... we wiped with 1% left.
So our second attempt, we got it!  However, I was dead, which was embarrassing!

And of course our first tier helm drop is Warrior/Shaman/Hunter.... which Moo passed to Voe!

Roshii got an awesome neck and Ampharos got some gloves.

So what should we did we do for the rest of the night?  We finished the 25 man Ulduar and I got one fragment from Yogg (we had a few attempts with 0 and 1 watcher up but we ended up having to do it with all 4 up since we only had 12 people).  And I even got an achievement, Drive me Crazy (25 player).  So, up to 26 shards now.  Maybe 2-3 more runs and I can complete my hammer :)

And DOH Forgot to loot my Mimiron Sigil today.


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