NPCs in WoW - Star Trek, BSG, Stargate

This post is part of my Celebrities and Personalities as NPCs in WoW series.

Being an avid Trekkie it was inevitable that I would run across all the NPCs which are Star Trek related!  Here are the ones I've found so far:

Jhodry Lapforge (Geordi Laforge) is the Engineer in Star Trek: TNG.  He even has the goggles and a yellow engineering uniform!

 Chief Engineer Trep (Charles "Trip" Tucker) is the Engineer in Star Trek: Enterprise.

Smiles O'Byron (Miles "Chief" O'Brien) from Star Trek: TNG and also Star Trek: DS9 has got his yellow Engineering uniform on!  The Smiles is the reference to the alternate Sisko who used to call O'Brien "Smiley".

Nogg is likely the Ferengi from Star Trek: DS9 - the first Ferengi to join Starfleet.  He helps out in Engineering, and he even has his own workshop here in the Drag, Orgrimmar.

Scooty (Montgomery "Scotty" Scott) is the Chief Engineer for Star Trek: TOG.  He's here in Stranglethorn ready to transport you to Gnomeregan.

Sprok is obviously Spock.  I like how he has Away Team as his title.  He is on the other end of the teleporter after Scooty sends you to Gnomeregan.  Interestingly he is wearing a red uniform... does this mean he is going to die?
Now here's something that is not related to Engineering for once!  These guys are walking around in Exodar as a pack - do you recognise their names?  You're forgiven if you don't, as they themselves weren't big stars in the series - the famous ones from Star Trek are Ezri and Judzea... did you get it yet?  YES, these are all of Dax's previous hosts (Tobin, Audrid, Emony, Curzon, Torias).

Joran, Verad and Yedrin are all hosts of Dax's that were not official hosts (ie psychopaths, rejected hosts/symbiote kidnappers, alternate timeline).  All are found in Swamp of Sorrows.

Ok, a multi reference toon here!  Data, the android from Star Trek: TNG, has an evil twin brother, Lore.  Datalore here even wears a yellow coloured top and black pants, like Data does in Star Trek.  Now, from the movie The Goonies, there is a character, Data, who is the same actor who played Short Round in the Indiana Jones movie, Temple of Doom.  Short Round = Small Sphere.  Get it??  Obscure much??  Haha.

Lenny "Fingers" McCoy is probably a reference to Leonard "Bones" McCoy, the doctor from Star Trek: TOS.  Should have made him a medic or First aid trainer or something.

Xyrol is not so obvious, but it's said that it's supposed to by Galen "Chief" Tyrol from Battlestar Galactica who is in charge of Viper Hanger deck and their maintenance. But I actually think that this NPC is more like Tyrol.
An extra P in Galpen and with Rolltie being Tyrol reversed, this NPC is a more likely "Chief".
Kara Thricestar is clearly Kara "Starbuck" Thrace from Battlestar Galactica, daredevil pilot.

 Guard Hammon bears a striking resemblance to General Hammond from Stargate:SG1, with his bald head.

 Lieutenant Karter also bears a striking resemblance to the brilliant and sexy Samantha Carter from Stargate:SG1.

This one is not so obvious.  Clate is an anagram of Teal'c (also from Stargate:SG1), so I think this is supposed to him, with the bald head and dark skin.  And damn, I hate people who afk next to mobs I'm trying to take pictures of.


  1. lol nice stuff there Navi - although I think you're pushing it with the last one =/

  2. @Bel - Oh I dunno seemed legit to me! Wish they had O'Neal in it still - apparently he was in beta standing near Karter somewhere... then I wouldn't look like I was clutching at straws :P

  3. /hi5 fellow Trekkie!

    I love the yellow and black tops they chose for the engineering uniform.

  4. @redcow - Live long and prosper Aka! Yeah those yellow tops look good hey!

  5. Haha I knew the stargate ones existed, but not the star trek or BSG ones. Star Trek I probably never would have noticed because I've actually never watched it, but I'm surprised I didn't notice the BSG ones.

    Also there are, or at least were (before they took them out of the game I think) a couple more references to SG. I know they had a Captail O'Neal that they definitely got rid of, Lieutenant Jackspring (Daniel Jackson) and I think Guard Quine might still be around (Jonas Quinn). See, your not the only nerdy one! =P


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