Love to hate Voe

 Australians are pretty blunt and we say things how they really are. - Charlie Bell

Voe is my new Shaman healer.  I wasn't there on his first raid, but he rapidly went from being the new recruit to the non stop talker of the guild in a few days.  I think he may be borderline Tourette's or just plain ADHD (or he could just be an asshole!).  I think most guildies find him annoying, but I don't think anyone can complain that he isn't a good healer.

However, for all his chatter, because he obviously has no fear or restraint in what he says sometimes (it can border on offensive on occasion), he is also quite hard to piss off.  He seems to take us yelling at him and taking the piss out of him rather well.  And he has said some hilariously blatant truths in the short time he has been here.  And also some embarrassing quotable lines which my friends have been teasing me about.

Some classic examples:
  • Logs in to find Litewisper has left the guild, and begins a tirade that goes something along the lines of "What happened to that shit pally Lite?  OMG she was the WORST healer, it was unbelievable how bad she was.  I was told how bad she was but I didn't believe it until I saw it for myself - we are better off without her!"  This blurt went on for about 3 minutes.  I don't think anybody ever says that kind of thing about her out loud.
  • Fueghan tries to organise 2 10 mans out of a 25 man raid.  He separates them into 2 tank/heal groups + 2 dps groups - but they are matched in a diagonal pattern (eg group 5 + group 8 = one 10 man), and of course when the first 10 man is asked to leave the group and reform we get a whole lot of confusion.  Voe says "Wow Fue is this more of your left and right saga?"
  • Says to Belinia: "Are you asian?  Because you are one hell of a farmer."
  • When waiting for me to put Seafood Magnifique Feasts down he yells in vent "Navi, Feast me up BABY!"  I had Roshii and Xyn teasing me about that for ages, for some reason that bloody line made me blush.  Now he uses the much tamer "McNavi, can I have a McFeast please?"
  • He was saying in vent that was taking 2 feathers in the first feather drop in Alysrazor.  I said to him don't take two, just take 1, to which he replied that he's so good he needs two because he's so good.  Before Xyn blew a nut, I whispered him and said "Don't be a dick, take one feather, the other guys need it"  "But I'm awesome I need two!"  "If you're that awesome you can heal it with no feathers!"  To which I got a sad face and a whisper saying that I never let him have any fun.
  • "I am the best shaman in this guild!" he said in vent earlier this week.  An annoying statement, but when you look at his competition, it doesn't really say much does it.
  • "In 25 mans you end up with 5-7 nubtards"- this was after our Baleroc attempt.

I will have to add more to this list as he embarrasses himself and others further.  But as I said before, he seems amazingly difficult to upset.  I have told him to shut up more times in 2 weeks, than I have told all my healers put together for the whole year.  Every time I say in vent to him to shut up, he says to me "OK OK I'll stop talking," only to find him pushing to talk within 2 minutes.

Some have even gotten on their druids in Uldum to herb stuff right out from under him just to be annoying and he takes it all in stride.  He just seems to be the kind of person you can do that to.

And he likes to talk to me about healing.  I LOVE talking about healing.  Our shaman healers never really talk about healing with me, except to whinge that Shaman healing is broken.  But Voe has renewed my interest in Shamans and shown me that it really is the player that makes the character a good one.  Jujubrudda, Pikamu and Kabapu are also great healers (all alts though!), but I don't get to play with them that much.

So love or hate Voe, it looks like he's here to stay.  He told me yesterday "I'm happy, Navi, I've found myself a home."  So I'll have to say to all the guildies who want me to get rid of him to just put him on mute on Vent, because I am loving my 3 mana tides per boss fight.


  1. Navi, Feast me up BABY!

    I was not thinking about a food buff when he said this... lol

    - Roshii

  2. @Roshii - see, I did have reason to blush! Dirty dogs y'all!


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