It isn't a Frostwolves Raid unless...

We often laugh at each other in raids at the silly things we do or say.  And each or our regular raid members seems to have a little thing that they do that makes them that much more special :D

Fueghan - Our guild leader has ALWAYS had a left and right problem.  Like "Everyone go left" and he runs to the right... "Oh damn, I meant right".  There was one funny Left/Right moment last night - Fue said "We'll pull the left ones," meaning we'll pull the left most pack of the 2 scorpion packs, who were both on the right.  And poor Aza (I think) ran off to the left and pulled something... and died, because all the tanks were on the right, pulling the left pack of scorpions.  Confused?  Yeah, fortunately that stuff doesn't matter to me, I just heal :)  But that wasn't the worst of it.  Rhyolith was... terrible and hilarious.  Fue has now been banned from driving Rhyolith.  Period.
Fue has now extended his Left/Right dyslexia into time.  "Don't worry, we can try again and kill it last week."  I think he meant next week..

Hwired -  Our DK tank always made us laugh with his arachnid dyslexia.  He keeps calling scorpions spiders.  So we rib him almost every raid or trash pull.  Poor Hwired.  I guess I can KINDA see why he'd be confused... they do both have 8 legs.

Faithless - Oh our dear Faith, more deaths to elevator bosses and Frogger than any other raid boss... how did Roshii put it?  She dies to environmental bosses more than real bosses.  Personally I think it's just lag.  Some people thought she was doing it on purpose.  Anyway, we found ways around it for Faith.  She would be summoned down in BWD, or she would put someone on follow and they would take her down. Where there's an (Inner) Will there's a Way.

Belinia - Now this is the problem with being Holy/Prot.  You get asked to switch from one to the other so frequently during a raid that it is inevitable that you forget to do something for that spec.... like MAYBE forget to turn on Righteous Fury when tanking after you had to go heal Aza while he kills a loot worm... or MAYBE forget to put on your tank gear when tanking Occu'thar and tanking in your holy gear (well, he lived!  A testament to his skill, or our healing :D)

Navimie - OK, I can't do this without including myself.  I sometimes forget to check my gear and raid with either my Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat, Loop of the Kirin Tor, Blessed Medallion of Karabor or PVP gear on.   And you can also tell the success of a raid is inversely proportional to the number of swear words that come out in Vent.  If someone is about to die, or I do something bad, the s*@# and f!#@ come out, so I think most raiders realise that if I'm swearing, somebody who is probably important is about to die (eg a tank, a gong hitter, a kiter, a healer) or has died. 

Liteofdawn - she doesn't raid with us anymore (she left the guild) but a typo from her has resulted in me permanently referring to Beacon of light as "Bacon". I"m just glad now that all my pallies work out their bacons between themselves.

Pic from Warcraft Hunters Union Demotivational Contest
Lushnek/Huntinhk - He had an extremely memorable moment when we were doing Lich King where he disengaged off the platform... we were laughing our asses off for weeks.  No wonder he switched from Hunter to Boomkin.

Azadelta - You can always count on Az for 2 things - great dps, and dying.  Aza is our suicide bomber.  He loves to pull, and tank, and die.  Not sure if it would be a raid if he didn't die, or try to.  Healer lesson - either heal him so he lives or you're the next to die.

Sevros - Our frustrated closet 70s-80s DJ, Sev often plays music when he's bored waiting for something to happen during raid.  Drives Fue crazy though!  Well, at least he does play things on request.  I don't know why people don't like his Beach Boys repertoire....

Moopie - You can tell when Moo is in a good mood.  He will talk about his balls or about the length of his inseminator.  And unless you want to put him in a bad mood, don't call him Moo-pee, it's Moo-Pie (as in cherry pie).  And you know he's in a bad mood when he says, "What the F*** man...."

Biship - Now you'd think someone who worked for Telstra would have a half decent internet connection... and why doesn't he talk on Vent??  All that goddamn porn he's watching while raiding...

Roshii - I think deep down he has some insecurity about his appearance /nod.  He never seems to look like himself.  He's perpetually eating Deviate Delights.  Or using the trinket that makes you look like a Blood Elf.

Xynzelle - Noble Xyn, is the epitome of politeness "Thank you Sir,/Ma'am".  I'm sure we all wish we could be as noble as Xyn.  And he's the only one who makes cauldrons... I've decided it's because he's secretly a pot stirrer.

And of course, who doesn't love my healing assignment instructions?

Beth'tilac - "Who wants to be on top?  Oh come on Belinia, you love doing Hwired on top."
Kologarn - "OK all the girls on hand job, the boys can do tanks."


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