How are we going to run heroics?

I have been putting some thought into what is going to happen next week. Surely we are not going to persist with normal bosses now that it is all a cakewalk?

We just managed to get ourselves up to 25 people but there is no way we can do heroic with some of the people we have. Just looking at Rag was proof of that. So how will we keep our better players stimulated without upsetting the others?

I had a few ideas that I threw into officer forums:
  1. 25 man heroic on Wednesday and then 10s for the rest of the week
  2. 10 mans on Wednesday then join up for Thursday then 10s for the rest of the week
  3. Permanent 10 mans with one group doing heroic and the other a mixture of both

There are advantages to doing 25 mans. More loot. More cinders and embers. I get the opportunity to play with all my friends and guildies. I can be lazier in my healing... Well, I notice I heal a lot less in 25s.

But there is a certain intimacy with doing 10s. Less room for stuff ups. More room to move or spread out in. Less lag (it seems) and definitely less afks.