Highlights of the week from my Blogroll #9

OMG an absolutely hilarious post.  And one you can do at home too :)  Number 1 post of the week!  And if you think that's good you have to look at her Ragnaros finger puppet!

Vid made a really good post about the nerfs, and probably touched upon why deep down I didn't really like them - maybe why a lot of people didn't like them.  She said that she felt like a failure when people would twitter or post about their kills and she hadn't got them down yet.  I read a lot of blogs, and most of them are about heroic content and not aimed at the level of raiding that I am at.  Vid is the GL of a heroic guild, and she felt like Blizz was saying this to her:

“These nerfs are for you, because you haven’t downed the content in the allotted time frame. You are the intended audience and you need them.”

But she realised that she should embrace the nerfs, it will help her guild gear up for the next tier when it comes.  So it's not all bad.  So she has accepted the nerfs - and looked at the positives.  So many guilds have collapsed, disbanded during this Tier.  But her guild remains, and they are still raiding.  Which is how I should look at it too.  Our guild is still here, and we are raiding and we will continue to.  These nerfs may help our not so great members gear up, and hopefully get them ready for the next tier.

It's funny you know, reading stuff like this.  Repgrind's is not the first blog post I have read talking about doing things like Baleroc with 6 dps (ie one tank or two heals) because of hitting the enrage timer.  Because, today is the first time I have NOT thought "hmm, they must have lousy DPS", and instead, have thought "hmm. we must have SHIT healers".   Because we don't have that issue on Baleroc, we have the issue with communication and swapping and bloody DPS dying (ie a healing problem!).  So when I think hard about it, am I tolerating substandard healers (well, yes, but that's a side note)?  Because there are a lot of guilds out there 2 healing stuff and we continue to 3 heal stuff... and our DPS can get them down regardless (Rhyolith is another that comes to mind - we would do 2 tanks, 3 heals as well).

And now I'm almost afraid to type this... the thing holding our guild back is our healers? Because DPS must be doing ok if they're getting the stuff down.  So should I be challenging my healers more with 2 healing stuff? Such as Shannox, Rhyolith, Baleroc???  I really don't know... I think I am more stunned sitting here still thinking that healers are the weak link of this guild.  That it's the healers we are carrying.  Not the DPS, not the tanks.  US!!!  My god, I'm having an epiphany.