Highlights of the Week from my Blogroll #8

Falling Leaves and Wings - Healthy Competition Builds Stronger Healers
I somehow missed this post last week, it should have gone into last week's Highlights.  This post is more on the Heal Sniping and Meter padding that Jasyla talked about in her post from last week's highlights.  Beru has actually made this great post which pretty much sums up my thinking of it.  And after this week of raiding with new blood injected into my healers, I am pleased that they are all doing well, and hoping that a little healthy competition will make my other healers perform better... or perhaps weed them out.

Great strat again by Glow.  But by gosh, 2 healing it?  I am not sure we are ready for that just yet.  I feel like we're not quite past the seeds stage yet, will need a little more tweaking.  Maybe this week we will make more progress.

Manalicious - Voss-isms
Vid has written a post on the same drift as the one I've got in the wings!  A funny read about raiding in-jokes, and I'm sure all of us can relate to those sorts of things!  The comments/replies are also great reads.