Highlights of the Week from my Blogroll #7

Jaded Alt - Transmogrification: 5 Reasons Windsoar won't be hanging out in the Ethereal's Shop
Now this was a great post by Windsoar.  I know there are a lot of new players out there who are all "what's the big deal?" with old Tier and sets and whatever, but Windsoar is not a new player and it's nice to see a different opinion.  AND she has an awesome Calvin and Hobbes cartoon on that post.  It is almost worth seeing JUST for that (though the whole post is great reading too!)

Borsked - Tap Out
A poignant read about a higher end raiding guild giving up raiding due to non attendance and attrition and difficulty recruiting.  I got to this from Beru's Monday Musings.  It reminded about what I was discussing with some of the other officers - that every time we recruit we take a step backwards in raiding because we have to "gear up" the new people or teach them the fights again.  This is talking about 25s - we don't have a problem getting one 10 man, it's the struggle to get two or 25s going.  Fue often says the worst part is trying to choose who to sit out for a 10 man when you have 19 people show up or 21 show up with only 2 tanks.  There are some who sit out without a fuss, there are those who rage at you because they are indignant for being sat out and threaten not to raid anymore.

Cannot be Tamed - Heal Sniping and Meter Padding
Now these two terms, though I hadn't heard them before, I knew exactly what they were when Jas started talking about them.  I usually think of them in the more malicious terms (ie throwing hots out to make yourself look good on meters, but heal sniping is hard to do I think - I don't think I consciously do it, but I just heal people who are low and it's not because I'm trying to steal their heal and make theirs into an overheal, it's just me healing like I'm a solo healer).  It reminded me of something - Xarek was healing on his paladin in a Firelands PUG and there was a druid there who was showing off about how he was topping meters with his healing etc, but when come Shannox, his tank was always dying.  People like that give me the poops.  We had another guildie like that, who would always look good on meters (sad to say, he was a druid as well), but when given a specific task or tank, could not heal that tank to keep them alive.  Which just says to me that they're just hotting everything around to look good, but when put to the test, it shows their lack of skill.  Now single target healing was not an easy druid thing back in BC but it could be done, I certainly did it, so I expect others to be able to as well.  Anyway, just an interesting read about the terms, but I think that most of us tend to do a bit of sniping, not intentially, just as part of our helping out on heals with our heal buddies.

Falling Leaves and Wings - Healing Baleroc 10 Man (video guide)
I put this here because I thought I must be the only druid who has difficulty with this fight, but Beru had lots of people asking her about it, so it's not just me!  And she uses Shnaptim's technique for her alt druid.  I think the other reason I liked it was because it was a post Beru wrote that seemed to be aimed more at my level - most of the things Beru writes about are for druids WAAAAY above my healing ability, and I think it was great that she made a guide for not so hardcore raiders.