Highlights of the Week from my Blogroll #10

Aka has done another fab post on World events, relating to the real life event that it is based upon (Oktoberfest).  There is a particularly nice shot of lots of beer mugs on a table that she's got!
Screenshot by Akabeko

Beru has said something that I was thinking just the other day - Firelands may have taken the challenge out of an encounter but that doesn't mean that it can take the challenge out for YOU.  Set your own challenges.  I was thinking of going DPS for Firelands (though my gear level won't let me in - LOL or perhaps my skill level!) or even trying to 1 or 2 heal an encounter just for kicks.  Just to make my life interesting.  Of course, we haven't done heroics yet (not like Beru who got to heroic Rag in 2 hours) so we are on a different page, but I guess my challenge next will be getting these heroics down.

I like seeing what other people think of tier sets.  And I really like how Vid likened it to Heimdall in Thor (since I really liked the movie!).  Which reminds me that I should add the Paladin Tier set to my other post so I can make some comments on it.  Which will now pale in comparison to anything that Vid has said!


  1. @redcow - thanks for the great read! I've got your screenie in there - I forgot to add it earlier.


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