Green Fire Kitty

Did BT last weekend trying to get the Felpuppy on a stick staff (and also try to help everyone with their Transmog gear) and ended up with Skull of Gul'dan.  Az and Sev had from our recent BT runs and I remember asking them why they wanted it so badly - and the locks and Roshii were totally shocked at me.

"Navi, this is a very important warlock artefact!"
"This is a really important lore piece!"

OK OK.  All so Illidan consumed it and gained Gul'dan's powers, I was thinking that was the extent of it.  And yes, Gul'dan was a very important orc warlock, perhaps the most powerful mortal warlock ever.  I though that was why they were so keen to have it.

However, that wasn't just it!  What made it so COOL was the green fel glow you get when you activate the on use ability of the trinket, which makes you glow green for 20 seconds.

So this is what you look like when you have Fire kitty and you activate the trinket:

Cool right? Heh, I think so!  I did it during raid time just to be funny and people wondered how I went green.


  1. Awesome! Wtb fire kitty staff-trinket combo! :D

  2. @Ang - :D it's great for surprising people that's for sure!

  3. Firekitty > Aza + Sev :P
    Besides.. that stuff doesn't have any +parry- so its completely useless to aza :P


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