Frostwolves second Rag kill

Well, I was worried yesterday when we made the group for Ragnaros.  We didn't have enough for 25 man so we just did one 10 man.

So the group makeup was:
Tanks - Hwired, Belinia
DPS - Sevros, Roshii, Moopie, Faithless, Ayelena
Healers - Targetme, Shnaptim, Yuda

I was worried that there wouldn't be enough DPS.  But I am pleased because they must be better than us because they one shot it!!!

So from Rag, Belinia got the Tier helm, Yuda got Ko'gun, Hammer of the Firelord, and Fish got Casque of Flame from Baleroc.  From Domo Faith got Stinger of the Flaming Scorpion from Domo, and Hwired got Tier Shoulders.

So Roshii and Moo said they were lucky because most of the meteors followed them.  And they basically pinged it back and forth at the front.  So that was good.

Faith said that if her dps wasn't good enough she would sit out after one go, but looks like they didn't need to do that!

I forgot to mention on Wednesday I got Smoldering Censer of Purity.  I actually took the ring from Shannox initially but when that staff dropped I gave the ring to the next person.

So next week, I think the group should include Caedis, and Manbull and Biship.  Let's hope that it goes alright.  I still think we need a core of people to be doing it to ensure that the kill is smooth.

Oh and that pally helm looks AWFUL on a Tauren... almost as bad as my druid one.


  1. And you said they can't do it without me

  2. Now I'm happy coz you'll be free for my 10 man HK!


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