First day of raid week - no 25s again

Sigh.  Well we had 22 people turn up to raid, which was not ideal.  Apparently some were going to log on late.  So we cleared almost everything to get Shannox to spawn, waiting for those people to arrive, then we lost Malaetus who had sister agro, so we ended up calling it and having one 10 man practice on Ragnaros.  The warlocks did not want to participate, in case they lost the chance to get embers (though it was highly unlikely we were going to KILL Rag), so we took Caedis and Ampharos along.  Fue/Hwired tanked, Bel/Voe/Me healed, and Xynzelle/Roshii/Moopie dpsed.

However, it did not go as well as it went on Monday.  We struggled to get past the Sons getting to the hammer - the lack of Lushnek's blowbacks did show a bit I think.  And I was retarded and got hit by hammer a few times in phase 1 causing wipes /facepalm.  So no progress was made, because what we really wanted to practice was the next phase where we run from bubbles.

A few of the guys wanted to just kill it, but I knew that it wasn't going to happen.

So who were we missing that could have raided?

Shnaptim, Yuda (working), Demisdor, Squichygrape, Longbowflex (Flex often comes late though), Manbull (with his Dad), Lushnek (with his Dad too, though he was in raid, but mostly AFK), Nokturn (working).

So what will it be like tomorrow?  Let's hope that we get a better turnout, because I don't really feel like recruiting and gearing up a whole new bunch of noobs....