Fandral's Flamescythe Resto Fire kitty!!!

OK I just have to post a pic because this is just too awesome.  Killed Staghelm yesterday and no feral druids in raid or hunters so I saved this baby Fandral's Flamescythe from DE.  I'm keeping it just for looks. 

I even had a few comments!  Though a few people were wondering why I was resto spec with that staff... hahaha I did say that it is too awesome to be DE'd.

I tell you what though, it makes it easy for people to find me, especially trade channel people, for enchants and stuff ("I'm in Valley of Wisdom - look for the fire kitty").

Though... I've had a few dirty comments because I keep asking people to look at my fire kitty... filthy animals!


  1. thats hot.... see what i did there? :P

    - Roshii

  2. Awesomeness, many grats Navi!
    So jealous...


  3. It annoys me when I see resto/balance druids wearing this staff. Reason being is that a lot of druids feel that they get priority to this staff whether they are spec'd right for it or not. People are so damn greedy that they'll take the staff over someone who could really use it just because of "looks".

  4. @your lame - I only saved it from a DE so I feel no guilt whatsoever :) I wouldn't never have taken it over someone who could have used it.

  5. @your lame - How about you learn to read before you open your mouth, she said it was being DE'd. Also how about you do some research also, she is Resto/Feral


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