Facerolling Firelands after Nerf

Wow, after the nerf, Firelands normal is crazy easy.  We had 25 people turn up, some undergeared, and some had not been to Firelands before (Gobbii is back!).  That said, we had 3 HUNTERS in the raid, which is amazing since we were on 0 raiding hunters before, and we only had 1 mage in the raid.  The trash is the same and people were being stupid and just not assisting and just doing whatever because they thought it was nerfed.  But there were some ridiculously easy fights.

Shannox was ok, we actually wiped on it because it was accidentally pulled.  And then Beth'tilac wasn't that smooth because I sent Targetme up top when he hadn't done it before and he just said he had never been up there before but didn't ask me what he needed to do.  So of course that went dreadfully, but we still did it.  Rhyolith was a walk in the park, and Alysrazor was just a joke.  People died in the cyclone phase because now the cyclones are too slow and you run into them as you run behind them if you have feathers.  Hilarious.  And the druids went splat - and they hardly cast Fieroblast anymore.  And Baleroc was also dead easy, you could almost just 4 heal it I reckon.  Ampharos soaked the first crystal and Shnaptim was up to 80 stacks by the end of the first crystal.

So after that we went to Domo but we didn't have much time and we wiped because people didn't run in fast enough and a fire pool went in the middle.  We didn't really try though and we were on our last few minutes of raid time anyway.  Besides, we have to leave something for tomorrow.