All I want from Brewfest this year...

All I want from Brewfest this year is the Brewfest dress.

I was wondering what happened to it before, did I destroy it because it was taking up bag space?  Then as I was reading Wowhead, I remembered what happened - the time that I was doing the achievements you could purchase the items and then sell them back to the vendor for a full refund, so a lot of us were doing our achievements like that.  So I would have sold it back to the vendor.

The dress is actually quite nice on a tauren female.

However, my big peeve this year is that the track has changed and it took me a while to figure out that you no longer run along the road to Razor Hill, you run towards the cave full of cultists out to the east.  And I was running on the road thinking, how crappy there is only one apple barrel here, I can't sprint like I used to!  But then I discovered that the apple barrels were through a bunch of Brewfest celebrators and brewmakers which is off road.  Ugh, think of all the tokens I could have had while I figured that out!

And I have no luck with getting a ram.  Fortunately I already have a Great Brewfest Kodo.  So here I am with my dress.

Well, thank goodness for Void Storage.  Now I can store all my useless items like this :)  This year's mug is purple.  I still kept my green one to see which one I like best.

(Picture above: Warcraft - Taverns of Azeroth by Samwise)