25 man FL - always a good start to a raiding week

Well we had an excellent turnout for 25 mans yesterday, which made me very happy.  We got our usual 3 bosses down without TOO much hassle.  I am a happy druid because I feel like I have performing and enthusiastic healers.

We had a new healer yesterday, his name was Ea, a holy pally from The Little Train that Could.  I'm not sure why he came, but he was excited and was pleased to be doing 25 mans.  As were we all.

We had too many healers so we had Targetme and Freepie dpsing, and Me, Belinia, Biship, Yuda, Beauti, Voe and Ea healing.  Heals were reasonably good all round, with Voe being outspoken and extroverted as always, and Yuda and Belinia quietly topping the charts in heals and absorbs.

We had a nice clean Rhyolith kill, and a messy Beth'tilac.  Beth had adds running everywhere, and I admit that having not done 25 man before I didn't realise that we'd have to send healers running in all directions chasing groups of DPS.  Anyway, it went down easy enough after a wipe.  Shannox was alright, except that I died about 1-2 seconds before the end from tranq'ing and refusing to move when I was in the fire because it would interrupt my channel... but it was all good except that I looked stupid.  We decided to go and look at Alysrazor 25 man and give that a go but I don't think we had the DPS for it because the chickens stil had 5 million health on them by the time we got to Phase 2.